Professional height expert

Lewis Hamilton 7x

Conor McGregor

Clutch is toxic no doubt about it, just been banned for his toxic behaviour but hey he is really a nice person who likes walking his dog.

Sometimes home isn’t four walls, It’s two eyes and a heartbeat.

Officially Retired

Family Is Power

Always And Forever

Choke me like you hate me, but you love me
Lowkey wanna date me when you fuck me

Imagine a GK telling an attacker what skill moves are best to use smh dumb people.

PMClxtch - I am plugged in now so if i suck i just suck at the game.

If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver.

Because if you don’t fraud then how are you going to improve.

I warn you it will break your heart already broken.

I'm working on a masterpiece, And i haven't quite finished it yet.

If you expect disappointment then you can't be disappointed

Drav - I have a avpl title you guys can all leave now because i am the best.

Drav - L1 Triangle doesn't work 10 times then next time he trys it works and thinks he is the best player on the site.

I joined Olympus as a reserve and i get asked to play i am always there when needed, but when i want to get into EGN United Drav can't make it happen i just don't like this one way relationship.
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