The 2020 EGN Winter Season is now live! This season is headlined by a $1000 prize pool and the reintroduction of Rocket League to EGN, lining up alongside Modern Warfare.

Every second Thursday we will be hosting Rocket League, while Modern Warfare will take place every Tuesday from the start of August.

How it works

For each cup there will be rankings points up for grabs. The higher you finish in a cup, the more points you earn. Your scores in each match will also be tracked and used as a tiebreaker for the rankings. Earn enough points by the end of the season to win cash prizes, badges and titles!

The prizes up for grabs are available via the rankings page for each title:

  • The cups are free to play, however you will need an active Premium subscription for the duration of the competition in order to be eligible to receive ranking points.
  • Points are awarded to each player individually.
    • e.g. If your team finishes 1st in a cup and the prize is 1000 points, each player will receive 1000 points as long as they're on Premium.
  • Competition formats may change based on community feedback.
  • Rankings are ordered by points first followed by score difference.
  • A season may be cancelled if numbers are low.
  • Each cup has a check in period! You must check in to be able to play.