The EGN May Beta Season is now underway with $400 up for grabs across both titles! For the next three weeks we will be running Ultimate Team (Thursdays) and Modern Warfare (Sundays) cups to test out our points distributions and competition rulesets in preparation for our first full length 2020 Winter season!

For each cup there will be minor tournament winner badges and rankings points up for grabs. Earn enough points by the end of the season to win cash prizes, badges and May Beta Season titles!

The cups are free to play, however you will need an active Premium subscription for the duration of the competition in order to be eligible to receive ranking points.

  • Our Ultimate Team cups will be for PS4 only and will make use of the latest FUT competitive Squad Building Requirements. (86 squad overall rating max)
  • Our Modern Warfare cup formats will rotate between 2v2 Warzone and 3v3 SnD. We may also consider doing 5v5 SnD drafts some time in the near future.
  • Full rulesets are available under the "Rules" tab of each cup page.
  • Please be aware that each cup has a check in period! You must check in to be able to play.

Use the links below for all relevant pages. Rankings are accessible via the "Rankings" tab of its parent hub. On the day after a cup is completed, registrations for the next one will open.

Good luck to all players competing!

NOTE: Titles are currently not visible on the rankings pages as they are still being worked on.

May Beta Season
Ultimate Team Rankings Modern Warfare Rankings
Ultimate Team Cup #1 (May 14th) Modern Warfare Cup #1 (May 17th)
Ultimate Team Cup #2 (May 21st) Modern Warfare Cup #2 (May 24th)
Ultimate Team Cup #3 (May 28th) Modern Warfare Cup #3 (May 31st)