Announcing the AMPL Intro League! Our first, fully fledged NBA 2K Pro-Am league exclusive for Xbox One with a $200 first prize up for grabs! FREE ENTRY!

The AMPL will be our flagship NBA 2K league moving into 2K19. As the name suggests, this first season will be an experimental one as we test out our ruleset and schedule setup.

Open to all Oceania teams on Xbox One.

Regular Season

  • Begins Monday 16th July.
  • Single game fixtures.
  • 3 rounds per week to be played between Monday - Wednesday, Thursday - Friday,  and Saturday - Sunday.
  • If teams are unable to match up due to matchmaking inconsistency, they may attempt to play during the day(s) before the next round to catch up.
  • There will be free time during the last week of the regular season to play any catch up matches.


  • Begins Monday 20th August.
  • Top 6 qualify for playoffs.
  • Single elimination.
  • Best of 3. Best of 5 Final.
  • Byes for the top 2 teams.
  • 3rd vs 6th, 4th vs 5th.

Registrations are closed!

Note: Prior to the competition commencing teams must be below Pro status and may not rank up past Pro status (to Elite) during the competition. If a team reaches Elite status during the competition they must create a new team.