We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the VFL, the world's biggest and most recognizable Pro Clubs league and community!

Since 2012, the VFL has served as a home to many Pro Clubs players across Europe on Xbox and PS4. With an aim to provide the most authentic virtual football experience you can imagine, VFL runs multiple real world themed leagues ranging from the Premier League to the French Ligue 2.

Similar to EGN, the VFL has built a passionate and thriving community centered around the game mode we all love. If you'd like to get involved in the Pro Clubs discussion, make sure you sign up to the VFL forums!

What this partnership means

The aim is to sustain a long and prosperous partnership which will enable both sites to grow together in the coming years, and allow us to provide higher quality competitions and features for the Pro Clubs community.

With EGN's constantly evolving website and Pro Clubs Rivals feature, and VFL's tried and tested fantasy Pro Clubs system, the immediate goal will be to increase exposure for both websites to untapped markets.

"It's been a great honour to sit and speak to Sam for so many months to the point where I can say his aims, EGN's aims, and my aims all align. After talking to him in a call a few nights ago, it was extremely clear that it was time to commit and take the next step. EGN has a reputation for being the standout in Australian Pro Clubs, led by a team of people who want the absolute best for the game mode. The whole ability to advance the mode and give players around the world a better experience is to align yourself and partner with people who believe the same, and that's exactly what we're doing here. I could not be prouder of this link, and I really do hope the players are as excited as I am."

Aaron Baker, Owner of VFL

Europe Rivals x VFL

Europe Rivals (Xbox and PS4) on EGN has been given a makeover to signify its connection with the VFL, and is now accessible from the VFL website menu. Similar to how AVPL teams utilize Oceania Rivals, Europe Rivals will be based around VFL World Series teams who want more from the regular Pro Clubs seasons experience. Rivals can be used to maintain competitiveness in the off season, while also providing warmups for matchnights.

New to Rivals? Read this!

VFL A-League

We know many in the community have been yearning for a fantasy Pro Clubs system for quite some time now, which is why we are thrilled to announce that a fully-fledged Australian VFL Pro Clubs league will be coming soon, run by EGN and VFL admins on the VFL platform.

Matches will take place one day a week, most likely running alongside AVPL/ECL seasons.

Keep an eye out on more information to come soon!