It's with great pleasure that we announce a whopping 14 new additions to the EGN Gaming admin team, as well as some information on our upcoming competitions and events.

Things are about to get crazy in October on the back of FIFA 18 and NBA 2K18 launching. The EGN admin team have been busy preparing for what will be a hectic period for online gaming.

Before we get into the game admin announcements, firstly a warm welcome to darko who joins the EGN moderator team. With Darko already being a moderator on the official FIFA forums, this will all be familiar territory for him.

Major Titles

Oceania FIFA 1v1

There's no denying that AUSFIFA lacked consistency when it came to 1v1 FIFA. Due to this reason, we sought out admins to focus primarily on 1v1, and there were no better candidates for this type of role than honurbly_airbrn and Fletch.

Honurbly_airbrn made big waves during FIFA 17. Appearing in both FIWC Rest of World regional finals (finishing 4th and 7th respectively) and getting signed by United Hawks EC, Airbrn will bring much needed enthusiasm to the role. Fletch on the other hand while not being an active competitor in recent times, is one of the most experienced FIFA players in the community.

Oceania FIFA Xbox Clubs

The Xbox Pro Clubs scene has been crying out for dedicated Xbox admins for some time now, and we are excited to announce that we have appointed SlinnShady and AlexFIFA as dedicated Xbox Pro Clubs admins. While having a big role in growing the Pro Clubs community on Xbox, they will also be a direct point of contact for those with Pro Clubs related queries on the console.

Oceania NBA 2K

For dedicated NBA 2K enthusiasts, you can't look further than Dangerfield and WEEZY. The pair were involved in running an unofficial NBA 2K16 tournament on the old AUSFIFA forums, and in NBA 2K18 they'll be able to do it at an official capacity using the EGN Gaming competition system. What they have in store for the 2K community in Australia will hype even those who aren't avid basketball fans. (such as myself)

Oceania Rocket League

Rocket League was originally thought of as a "secondary" title to many FIFA enthusiasts when it first launched. (It is football with cars after all) However, since then it's taken off as a worldwide recognised esport title and it's only going to get bigger and better over the coming years. Thus, the dynamic duo of ibaz and Turk_Movement have been brought onboard as Rocket League admins to help grow the competitive scene and run Rocket League competitions under the EGN brand.

Supported Titles

Oceania Overwatch


Oceania Rainbow Six


What's next?

There are exciting times ahead with most of our major competitions beginning in October. However, we also have some community nights to come before then, starting with an Overwatch Community Night which will be held during the Overwatch Free Weekend. More information to come very soon!

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