The toughest Pro Clubs competition in North America kicks off on November 7th! If you're part of a club that's looking to join the league, this article will explain exactly how.

Division 1

For the first season of this new FIFA, we've invited the best 14 candidates to form APL Division 1. If you'd like to register as a free agent for Division 1, click Register as Player on the APL Division 1 page. The following teams will compete in Division 1 for a share of the $840 prize pool:

Division 2

APL Division 2 registration is free and open to the public, and if you'd like to sign your team up, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register your team on EGN if you haven't done so already. After that, head to Team Settings > Manage Team. From this section you'll be able to invite your players to your team. Alternatively, they can send a request to join via the team page. (they must also be signed up on EGN)
  2. Head to the Division 2 page and click "Register Team". From here you'll be able to select your team from a dropdown list. On the next page you simply tick the players you want on your roster. From here you can select positions for each player. (positions can be changed later)
  3. All players on your roster must have a Gamertag registered on their EGN profile.

Cross Division Play

A Cross Division Play rule is now in effect for teams that would like to setup academy/affiliated teams in Division 2.

  • Division 1 APL Teams may nominate an affiliated Division 2 team.
  • All players from the parent club will be eligible to play for their affiliated team provided they are rostered on both the parent club and Division 2 roster.
  • Should a Division 1 player transfer to another Division 1 team during the season, they will no longer be eligible to represent their original clubs afilliated team.
  • Division 1 players will need to meet the Division 2 minimum games requirement to be eligble for Division 2 finals.
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