The AVPL returns for another season and this time we've made some big changes based off community feedback. This season we will see the introduction of the AUSFIFA Cup, an FA Cup style tournament that will run alongside the league. Season 10 kicks off on the 10th and 18th of June for both platforms respectively!

To sign up, first make sure you have registered your team to EGN. Then you can sign your team up via the following links:

Format changes:

  • Strictly NO RESCHEDULES! All matches must be played on the day they're scheduled, otherwise they will be kept as null results.
  • Roster maximum across all AVPL leagues is now 17.
  • 3 matches per night: 9:15PM, 9:45PM, 10:10PM
  • Home and away fixtures. (on separate days)


The AUSFIFA Cup will be an FA Cup style knockout tournament involving teams across all divisions. The format of the fixtures will be that of the FA Cup, in that if there is no winner after 90 minutes, another match gets played. If the scores are still tied during regular time of the second match, extra time and penalties will be required to determine a winner.

Cup matches will be played on Sundays for PS4 and Mondays for Xbox. We understand that there may be clashes with some teams competing on both platforms, but we feel as though the increased roster sizes will allow for rotation if this is the case.

The AUSFIFA Cup will start midway through the season. Exactly when it starts depends on the amount of teams signed up, and will be confirmed before the season kicks off.

PS4 AVPL Division 1

Due to teams becoming inactive or folding since last season, we will be running a single PS4 AVPL Division 1 Qualifier to determine which teams will take their places. Exact amount of teams that qualify will be confirmed at a later date.

PS4 AVPL Division 1 rosters will be locked at the same time that registrations for the qualifier come to a close on June 10th at 6:00 PM AEST.

Teams automatically qualified from last season must retain at least 4 of their rostered players from that season. Teams and rosters from season 9 are available here.

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