AVPL Season 10 goes into full swing tonight as the PS4 season kicks off, and on the eve of EGN's biggest competition, avid users of the community have published various forms of content to bring the #HYPE.

With over 600 players involved and a raft of welcome changes to the format including the introduction of the AUSFIFA Cup, AVPL Season 10 is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet.

Xbox has had it's best attendance in a while, and PS4 Division 1 is the strongest it's ever been with a raft of talent spread throughout the league. PS4 Division 2 has also seen various brand new teams being brought in from Rivals.

To fuel the hype for the new season, we've seen a wide range of content being posted on EGN by members of the community.

First, you'll want to start off with Dangerfield's AVPL Season 10 trailer to get you amped up. The trailer is inspired by Alleyezonkano who had his break out season in AVPL Season 9, featuring in Diablo's 3-1 AVPL Grand Final victory over La Masia CF with two goals.

You'll then want to check out the first episode of the AVPL Show, Chad's brand new video podcast in which he discusses the hottest topics surrounding the AVPL along with special guest appearances. This first episode features Toxic as a special guest.

Finally, if you're into a bit of reading, check out Matty's AVPL Season 10 Preview, in which he previews each team and their chances at league and cup glory this season.

A big thank you to the aforementioned members of the community for their contributions. We hope that players enjoy this lengthy and exciting AVPL season and that it will be one to remember.

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