The AVPL along with our annual State of Origin competition kicks off in March! Get your squad together and sign up for the premier Pro Clubs competition in Oceania!

Roster Lock

  • PS4 AVPL roster lock: March 5th 6PM AEDT
  • Xbox AVPL roster lock: March 7th 6PM AEDT

Once rosters are locked, players are no longer entitled to move between rosters on their own accord. Only managers will have the ability to add/remove players from rosters.

Start Dates

  • PS4 AVPL start date: March 8th
  • Xbox AVPL start date: March 10th
  • State of Origin start date: March 26th

How do I register my team?

  1. First, create an EGN account if you haven't done so already and register your team on EGN.
  2. After that, head to Team Settings > Manage Team. From this section you'll be able to invite your players to your team. Alternatively, they can send a request to join via the team page. (they must also be signed up on EGN)
  3. Find the league you want to join from the links above or on the website menu and click "Register Team". From here you'll be able to select your team from a dropdown list. On the next page you simply tick the players you want on your roster. Each player must have a PSN/Gamertag (depending on the platform) entered into their profile.

Changes this season

  • All leagues: An ANY is required for teams that field 5 players or less
  • All leagues: Managers may freely delist players on 0 games played
  • PS4 Premier: Min roster size increased to 11 (from 10)
  • PS4 Premier and Xbox: Max roster size reduced to 15 (from 16)
  • PS4 Championship: Min on field increased to 4 (from 2)
  • PS4 Championship: Max on field increased to 8 (from 6)
  • PS4 Championship: Min roster size increased to 6 (from 3)
  • PS4 Championship: Max roster size increased to 11 (from 8)

14 teams required for AVPL Premier Division

In light of the last minute merger of Division 1 and 2A that occured in AVPL Season 14, we will be setting a minimum of 14 teams required for the AVPL Championship to remain as an option.

If the AVPL Premier Division does not reach 14 teams, the Championship will be merged with the Premier Division. We will be keeping an eye on team numbers to ensure we're hitting 14 teams for the Premier Division. If we are not confident that we can reach this number, we will try to merge the divisions as soon we possibly can.

If you are planning on entering a team, please register it to the competition as soon as possible (rosters can be finalised later) so that we can gauge numbers early.

State of Origin

The 2020 State of Origin will be held exclusively on PS4 and will be kicking off in week three of the AVPL (March 26th), with games being played every Thursday. A separate announcement will be released shortly with more information.