Here it is, Dark Horses for AVPL Season 18 Division 1. With this type of content it becomes difficult to release due to rosters continuously chopping & changing. I wanted to make this as accurate as possible heading into this AVPL season. Best of luck to everyone playing Division 1!

After having just missed out on the Top 8 for AVPL Season 17, Afterhours are back in season 18 & would be hoping they can follow their same successes from last season, & hopefully secure a spot in the 8.

Vakamateaboiii_ The former Razzlers reserve is one to keep an eye on for the upcoming AVPL season. Having representing New Zealand for State of Origin, he will join Afterhours for the season in search for game time. This will be his first AVPL & there’s a lot of potential to be filled there, a solid bit of business done by Afterhours.

MrTankevans: The former goalkeeper turned midfielder signs on for Afterhours for the upcoming AVPL season. His stint with Classic eSports for AVPL Season 17 might have been underwhelming outfield having just missed out on the Top 8. He looks to prove himself in the midfield & gain more experience outfield, whilst helping push Afterhours for a position in the 8.

Beyond Reason:
Making their PlayStation debut, Beyond Reason have been known in the Xbox community for some time now. They were the league runners up to Playnation. Now finally making their move over, it’s looking pretty quiet over on the Xbox side. The team aim to make their known here on the PlayStation side.

Th3ArTOfWaR9: A player with a high amount of potential, he will make his move from a winger to a full-back. Wallace could definitely look to prove that he is here to stay on the scene. A quality player on his day, the team could look for his contributions as they look to make themselves known.

IITeKtOniK : Making his return back onto the PlayStation side, Tek will play in Division 1 for the first time since he played for Real Deal in Season 15. The midfielder has composure & defensive awareness. Looking to make a statement on PlayStation.

Black Label Gaming:

After taking a break for Season 17, Black Label return onto the scene, having finished 10th in Season 16, they look to make an impact. Being led by experienced midfielder Beks8, the team could be one to watch for this AVPL season.

Speedyy: The signing of defensively solid Speedy is a good signing by the Black Label team. Speedy would win a Division 2 title with New Order (Retribution) in Season 16, & finishing in the Top 8 during Season 17 with Retribution CF shows that Speedy has the ability, & the potential to become a leader at the back.

XSinZN: Another defensive reinforcement by Black Label sees Sin join for the upcoming AVPL season, still being relatively new to the site means that there is promise to play at a high level. He would reserve for Afterhours during AVPL Season 17, & looks to join Black Label in search for more game time. Sin is definitely one to keep an eye on

The first team to win AVPL not being Azzurri or Diablo since AVPL Season 8, Hollywood are back to defend the AVPL League Title. An exhilarating AVPL Grand Final seen them defeat Olympus on pens. Since then, they have gone on to win ECL, ANZ Pro Clubs Sixes, 2 x Rivals Finals, 1 x Rivals Premiers for April & runners up for AVPL Season 18 Pre season cup. There’s no doubt on the quality of team so in that case, it becomes hard to pick out a “Dark Horse” but here are the 2 players I think people should look out for.

Mark11: The Hollywood attacker proved why he is considered one of the best attackers currently on the site, last season providing 19 Goal Contributions (10G/9A) in 24 games. Mark looks to continue being one of Hollywood’s main goal scorers for the upcoming AVPL season.

Dalabanga: After reserving for the side during AVPL Season 17, Dalabanga makes his AVPL return for the first time since Season 16 having played for Badge Fighters. Looking to form a defensive-midfield partnership with AKPO could prove to show Dala’s true potential as a workhorse in the middle of the park.

El Zurri:
The biggest news to come post-Season 17 was the folding of Azzurri FC after finishing last. With the news of the folding came even bigger news, with the two most successful Pro Clubs sides in our region. Azzurri FC & El Diablo FC merging together as one team, branding the team name as “El Zurri FC”. A lot of expectations could come with this move, as a lot of people would expect them to be competing with Olympus & Hollywood as a minimum. The following players could be worth keeping an eye on:

Turk: After having spent the past season at Retribution CF, Turk returns back as part of the Diablo part of the team. One of the best full-backs on the site when he’s on his day. Turk will definitely look to help guide El Zurri towards AVPL success.

Juls: One of the controversial players on the scene right now, Juls’ absence prior to AVPL Season 17 could be one of the reasons towards Azzurri FC finishing where they did. Nonetheless, Juls is back on the scene & looking to make an impact. If he can focus on helping the team towards success then there’s no question that Juls will definitely be one of the standout players this season. He can provide goals & creativity that the group of players are known for having.

A team with a fair amount of potential behind them, bringing in some solid signings to aim towards the Top 8. Famgoon look to upset a few teams if they’re able to find their form early on.

v___Raheem___v: A big signing for Famgoon, this will be Raheem’s first AVPL back since his stint with King Gamers in Season 10. In his absence from the AVPL scene some things have changed but I definitely feel that he can keep up, & help be one of the driving forces for Famgoon’s Top 8 ambitions.
SaintFlamez: One of the managers for Famgoon, Flamez looks to be the leading force for the team up top. An underrated attacker on the AVPL scene, if Flamez can keep the goals flowing for the team, there’s no doubt of aiming towards being in the top 8.

Real Deal:
The return of the most successful Xbox club over on the PS side comes as a last-minute project. With Quality Outfit’s having time away from AVPL, a few players would join Real Deal in order to continue finding game time. The team will have a number of key players to have an eye on. With Real Deal aiming to claim their place in the Top 8, these are the two players I believe will step up this season.

Furtak: After having a relatively successful season with Afterhours, finishing with a bronze ball for the 3rd best G/A ratio last season, having played 18 games he finished with 16 goal contributions (11G/5A). He moves to Real Deal finding himself in more of a defensive role. This position change could be one to keep an eye on, as Furtak looks to prove his quality in the Real Deal lineup.

Reikan: During his Season 17 stint with Quality Outfits, he would finish with 8 goal contributions (4G/4A) in 11 games. A player who’s known for flying under the radar in terms of ability on the pitch, Reikan will look to help secure Real Deal a place inside the Top 8.

Goal Busters:
This team was rebranded from Sprt of Ecstasy, winning Division 2 last season. The team have folded after being promoted to Division 1... Reasoning below from manager was that the team voted on game day about whether they want to play Division 1 or not, in which majority voted no. Should this be acceptable on the scene? 

Making their Division 1 debut this season, Hindmarsh look to make a name for themselves competing at the top level. A relatively new club to the scene having come together last AVPL playing Division 2. The team could set their ambitions high during their first AVPL stint in Division 1.

Lilbritzz10: Scoring the fifth highest goals in Division 2 last season, having 33 goal contributions (22G/11A) during his debut season. Britz will be one of the main strikers come this AVPL. If he can continue that form into Division 1, then Hindmarsh could have their hopes set towards being the Dark Horse team.

Fezza: Another player that makes the jump to Division 1 from their last AVPL team, Fezza would finish with 18 goal contributions (11G/7A) in his debut season. Creating a solid partnership up top with Britz. These two could look to being the leading men for Hindmarsh. In hopes to loom towards a top 8 spot if they can gain some consistency.

Olympus Elite:
No doubt in anyone’s mind that Olympus Elite are one of the top teams on EGN currently. Having an unforgettable Grand Final last AVPL only losing through penalties. Olympus have been grinding in hopes that they will continue this form come Season 18. Olympus would win the Pre-season cup that just finished up, this team are definitely looking for redemption & set their sights towards winning the AVPL title.

Trini: One of the most underrated wing-backs on the site right now, Trini is a player to keep an eye on for Season 18. His loyalty & consistency on the pitch will see him be one of the starting FB’s this season. Providing a really solid option at the back, Trini could aim for leading Olympus towards their goal of winning the AVPL title.

BanditGazer: One of the most versatile players on the site, Bandit has come a long way & without a doubt proving what an asset he is to the team. Bandit has the ability to play almost anywhere on the park & could still excel. One of the unsung heroes for Olympus, Bandit will aim towards helping Olympus getting a solid start to the AVPL, & hopefully towards the AVPL title.

Ozone Wolves:
Another team that will make a return after their run from last season. Ozone may have been underwhelming without the likes of Niazi or Damo being there to save the day. This season is a different story, there is no secret behind the financial backing for the eSports team & with money comes quality. The first major signing they brought in was Kano, then followed most of the Quality Outfits team (Nico, Brash, Ceb, Stan, Snakenizzer, Superfly, Connor & Rick). This is a team that has its sights way higher than just a Top 8 finish, they look to challenge towards bringing Ozone some success this season.

Ceb: One of the few players that actually make their Ozone return since the original Ozone team from Season 15, Ceb brings composure & class to the back line. He would win a League Premier & EGN Cup winner to his resume, & would hope that he can help the team towards bringing more success this upcoming AVPL season.

AlleyezonKano: A man that without a doubt will be one of the star players this AVPL. Kano moves from Olympus to Ozone for the upcoming AVPL season & sometimes the big players need to be rewarded. Kano is known for holding some pretty wild parties on the Yacht he was gifted ?. Kano’s resume speaks for itself & his quality will be something that Ozone can look towards in hopes to bring them success this season.

Playnation FFA:
Another season from Playnation as they continue being one of the pioneers for our region of Pro Clubs. Last season was a slow start & with the additions of Diablo players Fletch, Waz & Nanji looked to bring some success. After a sour finish in the finals series, Playnation look to rebuild & continue setting their sights on challenging for a Top 4 spot.

Lachiekennas: Relatively new to the site, Lachie will make his PS AVPL debut this season. Composure on the ball, & defensively sound. Lachie looks to bring solidity at the back that was sorely lacking during Season 17. The potential of the CB is something that should keep the community intrigued, if he can find consistency during the AVPL season, there’s no doubt that defensive mistakes from last season will be cleaned up without a worry.

deGans: Looking to continue making a name for himself, deGans will play his 2nd AVPL with Playnation. Having found game time in Season 17, he looks to be one of the main pieces in the middle of the park this season. If deGans can find consistency this season, there is no doubt that he can help lead Playnation towards challenging higher than a 6th place finish from last season.

A team with unlimited potential, Razzlers would possibly find their last season finish to be underwhelming. Having been touted to challenge for the title, they would finish in 5th, 19 points behind first place. The team without a doubt has the ability, having picked up some key players including the returns of Jetsy into goal(?), Tevari & Shiraz back into the lineup for this season. It’s up to the fellas at Razzlers to see whether they can challenge for the title.

Alessio: One of the founders of Razzlers, Alessio is considered a key piece in defence & can ensure that they aim towards keeping the clean sheets at the back. If he can continue this into the upcoming AVPL season, then there’s no doubts that Razzlers can fight for a place inside the Top 8.

Ozilla: Another founder of Razzlers, Ozilla is one of the main goal sources for the team, & looks to continue making goals come easy to the team. Finishing with 10 goal contributions (6G/4A) in 22 games, Ozilla might be looking towards finishing with more for this upcoming AVPL season.

Sin City:
A rebranding for the team, Sin City make their official debut for Division 1 this season. The team overall on paper looks quality & definitely could be an intriguing side. Having been led by former Azzurri player & King Gamers founder Ashur, & Lapogba. There’s definitely a interesting look for the team. Some key signings could help for them to have their aims towards a Top 8 finish.

Snickleftiz (Pkpro): The former Empire defender makes his AVPL return, looking to have himself known in the community for those who don’t remember that he used to play at The Empire. With his first season back in a defensive role in some time, Pk can bring a solid foundation into the backline.

Shamery1877: Another talent making their Division 1 AVPL debut, Shamery would play for 90 Bullets in Division 2 last AVPL. Finishing with 34 goal contributions (23G/11A) in 17 games. Shamery has been flying under the radar & grinding the game in order to improve. He is definitely one to keep an eye on this coming AVPL.

Sunday Project:
Making their Division 1 return under Sunday Project, the Sunday Project fellas look to remind the competition that it’s all about having a good time. They have quality all over the pitch & can prove some people wrong in terms of having ambitions towards the Top 8.

Jcatt: The loyalty that Jcatt has shown towards Sunday Project / Sol Invictus shouldn’t go unnoticed. A leader at the back & will definitely aim to be the general in the back-line. When he’s on form, Sunday Project can look towards his contributions to keeping clean sheets at the back.

ToohillGod: A relatively newer talent to the site, Toohill has a solid amount of potential. Playing a more central role, he can also provide out on the wing. His AVPL Division 1 debut can show the community that he shouldn’t be denied in his efforts.

The Generals:
A complete new look shows The Generals that it’s all about the future. Bringing in newer talents in replacing some of their older talents. The departure of Toxic means that up steps new players looking for that opportunity to prove themselves. Always known for their solid defence (even winning a gold wall / glove for the most Clean Sheets last season. It’s up to The Generals on how far they go.

Chadi: An exciting prospect, Chadi made his AVPL debut last season at the highest level with Retribution. He would finish with 8 goal contributions (7G/1A) in 24 games. The ability was enough to be on The Generals radar. Providing creativity & unpredictability out on the wing, he is one that the community should look out for.

Herbertmcbud: Having some very big shoes to fill, Herbert is the new defensive midfielder replacing the options that The Generals had last season (Valour, Brumo, Gillard). There’s no doubt that Herbert’s put the work in to grind out the game in attempts to become better. Being one of the standout players from Chevrez after a disappointing finish last AVPL, Herbert aims to have the midfield on lockdown in Season 18.

The Sewer Rats:
After having spent 4 seasons in Division 2, The rats have finally made their move up to Division 1. The team look to make themselves known but it’s totally up to how they perform this season. Previous seasons in Division 2 haven’t looked promising but the banter they provide in the community is quality. How will they do come this season? Time will tell all.

JustRushhh: After winning Draft #8 with Leeds as a manager, Rush will finally make his AVPL debut on PS. The absence has meant that some people might not remember the potential he has. But with that inconsistency could mean that results might not come. Nonetheless, if the form is there then he could be one to keep an eye on.

TTVsnypz: The Ozone Wolves loanee makes it onto the list here. He played as a reserve in Draft #8 first place team Crystal Palace, being eliminated to Rush’s Leeds. Honestly I haven’t seen all that much, but there has to be a reason why Ozone picked him up. Sometimes it’s actually a positive to be less known, so you can show people what you can do. Hopefully that can be a driving force for Snypz on this occasion.

A team that showed so much promise during their Division 2 AVPL debut last season. The team would dominate the regular league, coming first by 5 points. Unfortunately they would go on to be eliminated in the semis. 

Venom have folded from Division 1 after having a couple team mates leave on game day...