We kick off the new decade with the highly anticipated return of the ECL! Get your teammates together and sign up for some high octane 6v6 Pro Clubs action!

PS4 ECL Oceania Season 3
Xbox ECL Oceania Season 3

Key Dates

PS4 roster lock: January 16th 6PM AEDT
Xbox roster lock: January 18th 6PM AEDT

PS4 start date: January 19th
Xbox start date: January 21st

How do I register my team?

  1. First, create an EGN account if you haven't done so already and register your team on EGN.
  2. After that, head to Team Settings > Manage Team. From this section you'll be able to invite your players to your team. Alternatively, they can send a request to join via the team page. (they must also be signed up on EGN)
  3. Find the league you want to join from the links above or on the website menu and click "Register Team". From here you'll be able to select your team from a dropdown list. On the next page you simply tick the players you want on your roster. Each player must have a PSN/Gamertag (depending on the platform) entered into their profile.

Changes from Season 2

  • Standard football points system (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw). Season matches can now end in a draw.
  • ANYs are now optional.
  • A minimum of 4 players must be fielded.
  • Minimum 5 players per roster.
  • Maximum 8 players per roster.
  • There will be NO transfer window due to a shorter than usual season.
  • Golden/silver/bronze ANY badge.

Change of EGN Pro Clubs matchdays

Due to the issues caused by the timing of EA's patches (dropping minutes before AVPL kick off on Wednesdays), we are no longer hosting Pro Clubs matchdays on Wednesday nights.

Following lengthy discussions and surveying between the admin team and community leaders, we've narrowed the next best days down to Sunday and Tuesday for PS4.

Although Sunday seems to be the most popular option, we decided that we'd put it up to the EGN community to decide. Vote for your preferred day here!

Xbox will now only be held one day a week (currently Tuesday, but this may change based on the PS4 poll), making it easier for teams that would like to play on both consoles. We feel as though this is the best course of action to take to ensure that Xbox remains active enough until crossplay hopefully comes later this year.

If Tuesday is the more popular option for PS4, Xbox will be moved to either Sunday or Thursday. (we may conduct another poll in this case)

We will continue to monitor community feedback in relation to these decisions and make any changes we deem necessary before the start of the competition.