ECL Season 5 is set to kick off Sunday March 14th. The ECL is Oceania's premier 6v6 Pro Clubs competition. The format will be group stage followed by finals.

The AVPL ruleset will be in use for this competition, with the following ECL specific rules overriding the AVPL ruleset:

  • ANY is compulsory.
  • A minimum of 4 players must be fielded.
  • Minimum 5 players per roster.
  • Maximum 8 players per roster.
  • No red card suspensions.
  • No transfer window.

Gather your friends and compete! Can anyone stop the champions of last week's Pro Clubs Sixes CF Hollywood?

How do I register my team?

  1. First, create an EGN account if you haven't done so already and register your team on EGN.
  2. After that, head to Team Settings > Manage Team. From this section you'll be able to invite your players to your team. Alternatively, they can send a request to join via the team page. (they must also be signed up on EGN)
  3. Find the league you want to join from the links above or on the website menu and click "Register Team". From here you'll be able to select your team from a dropdown list. On the next page you simply tick the players you want on your roster. Each player must have a PSN/Gamertag (depending on the platform) entered into their profile.