I thought I'd provide an update on Pro Clubs related things for EGN moving into 2021, such as competitive Pro Clubs, Rivals, and the admin team restructure.

We just recently discovered that the launch day FIFA 21 versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are crossplay enabled with PS4 and Xbox One, at least up until December 4th which is when the next-gen versions of the game are unlocked. Up until now, we are still unaware of what happens on December 4th. There are two possible scenarios:

  1. The next-gen FIFA 21 game is a separately downloadable app to the current-gen version, and you are freely able to switch between both apps at any time. (best case scenario)
  2. The next-gen FIFA 21 version is an update that is applied to the current-gen version, meaning we are forced to play on next-gen and we lose the ability to play on the current-gen version. (not ideal)

In the case of scenario 1, we will continue to run competitions on the current-gen version until we are certain that the majority have moved across to next-gen. (no set timeframe on this)

In the case of scenario 2, we will begin running competitions on next-gen from mid to late January.

Cross Gen Pro Clubs Cup

Regardless of the above two scenarios, we will be running a Pro Clubs cross gen cup while we know we still have the ability to.

The cross gen cup will run for PS4/5 and Xbox One/Series X|S from November 22nd to November 30th. The cup will be a simple group stage followed by a one day finals series. Both cups will be 11v11, but this may change for Xbox depending on numbers.

PS4/5 Cup Page
Xbox Cup Page

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Rivals

I'm happy to announce that Rivals will launch for current-gen FIFA this week. There will be no notable changes from the FIFA 20 version, only slight improvements.

Rivals will continue to run on current-gen through to 2021, regardless of the above two next-gen scenarios. Even if we're forced on to next-gen on December 4th, I can't imagine too many people would be wanting to play Rivals straight away in December with fresh pros and numbers being low. This will at least give current-gen players something to play for while they're waiting for their next-gen consoles.

We will continue to monitor numbers for both generations via multiple roll call polls on EGN, which will influence our decisions around competitions and Rivals.

New look Pro Clubs admin team

Recently I've spoken about personally stepping down as a head organizer on the site in order to focus on other areas. Click here to watch the part of the recent draft stream (3:24:25 onwards) where I spoke on this.

Moving forward there will be clearly defined roles in the Pro Clubs admin team. Current members of the admin team will be delegated these roles, as well as new members we recruit.

The roles will be as follows:

  • Pro Clubs Head Admin - This person will essentially be taking over my role. You will be primarily responsible for everything Pro Clubs related on EGN, and you will be able to delegate tasks for other admins. You will have good knowledge of the site and will be capable of creating and scheduling out all competitions on EGN. You will also be capable of writing up announcement articles in a timely and punctual matter. You will have the final say on any changes to competition related rules and structure. You will receive direct training from myself on using the site. You will need to be able to devote time to the site on a regular basis. If you are a full time family man with no time on their hands, then this probably isn't the role for you.
  • Pro Clubs Organizers - You will work closely with the Head of Pro Clubs when it comes to planning competitions and deciding on formats and rulesets.
  • Pro Clubs Support - Your main responsibility will be answering queries and tickets on the site in a timely manner. You will be required to be available on Pro Clubs matchdays to answer tickets during game time.

All roles will require maturity and the ability to communicate in a professional manner. These are volunteer roles so we are not requiring you to put a ton of time in, but we at least expect that you can act in a punctual and respectful manner when you do.

If you would like to apply for a role, please message me. If you are applying for the head role, please include as much information as you can on any work experience you have and why you think you would suit this role.