With the new FIFA around the corner, it's time to reveal what our Pro Clubs plans are, as well as what announcements to expect in the future. But first, let's reflect on the Super League Beta season.

AVPL Super League

The AVPL Super League was quite an ambitious idea in the beginning, as it's quite possibly the most complex Pro Clubs league idea any organiser has ever come up with.  

Upon reflection, I'm proud to say that the league was a resounding success. Even though it was one of the longest regular seasons we've ever had, and add to that the fact that we had 20 brand new teams sprout up from nowhere, I'm happy to report that there was not a single peep from any managers regarding the possibility of folding. All teams from top to bottom fought until the very end, with some of the lower teams picking up great results near the end of the season. Something to build on for next season!

Seeing someone like Bombo, a player originally from the Championship (and not even near the top of it either) score a hattrick in the Grand Final is exactly what the Super League is all about. Seeing so many inexperienced players mixing it with veterans near the top of the table is only going to increase the standards of Pro Clubs in our region.

You still had a skill gap when it came to teams, but it never felt like teams were unreachable. Teams like Man City and Chelsea looked very vulnerable at times, but ultimately were amongst the best teams in the league. With veteran players cascading further down the league and not restricted to only the top 4-5, we saw a much more balanced league. Teams at the bottom were rarely getting humiliated, and it seemed like any team could rally and go on a win streak.

While there were a lot of positives, there were also a few negatives mostly regarding managers and the multiple transfer windows. To the managers who were constantly having to deal with the headache of last minute transfers, we hear you, and we will be making changes in Season 1 to ensure that managing becomes a lot less stressful.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the next Super League season as we get closer to January.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Schedule

As announced in our AVPL Super League announcement, we have scrapped the Draft and ECL as full length competitions. This change allows us to fit in both AVPL formats and ensure that there is always something to look forward to for 11 man teams.

So without further ado, I present our Pro Clubs competition schedule for FIFA 22.

Late 2021 plans

Based on our recent poll results in which 451 of you voted, we found that 66% of the community is already on next-gen, while 15% are planning on moving to next-gen as soon as possible.

While we would've preferred to start exclusively on next-gen from the beginning of FIFA 22, we cannot ignore the 34% who would miss out in this case.

This is why we've made the following decisions regarding AVPL Season 19:

  • The PS Premier Division will be next-gen. (PS5)
  • The PS Championship will be current-gen. (PS4)
  • Xbox will be current-gen. (Xbox One)

Update: The Xbox community have collectively decided to play on Xbox One for AVPL Season 19.

Players on PS5 will have a choice between playing Premier Division or Championship (you will need to purchase the Ultimate Edition to have access to the PS4 version on PS5).

Players on PS4 will only be able to play in the Championship.

Registrations for all AVPL Season 19 competitions will open in early October.

2022 and onwards

Based on the poll results, we predict that 80% of the community will be on PS5 by early 2022. This is why we're making the decision to phase out AVPL for current-gen from January onwards.

Super League Season 1 (mid January) will be played on next-gen exclusively. For current-gen, we may still run competitions (not Super League) if there's enough of a demand, but we are hoping that a vast majority of the community will be on PS5 by then.

Future announcements

FIFA 22 is going to be a big one for EGN, so be sure to keep an eye out on EGN for future announcements. We have many things in the pipelines, and here are just a few things to expect:

  1. An EGN redesign
  2. FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Rivals news
  3. New badges?

See you all in FIFA 22!