As many of you in the Oceania Pro Clubs community would know by now, I (SamKani) have been looking to step away from my role as Head Pro Clubs Admin to focus on other aspects of running EGN.

Running Pro Clubs the way we do at EGN can be very challenging and time consuming, which prevents me from developing the site itself and focusing on other titles to expand the community.

I'm happy to announce that today, on the eve of the FIFA 19 launch, I have appointed the best person possible to replace me. Please join me in welcoming back Juzzomac to the role of Head Pro Clubs Admin for Oceania.

Juzzomac's first duty as admin was to bring in fresh faces to help out in various ways, which is why I'm delighted to announce that Chadinho, Gigi_Nesta, and IKORPZ will be joining the team.

The current Pro Clubs Oceania team is now structured in the following way:

  • Juzzomac - Head Pro Clubs Oceania Admin
  • Chadinho - PS4 Pro Clubs Oceania Admin
  • ICYRX8 - PS4 Pro Clubs Oceania Organiser
  • Gigi_Nesta - PS4 Pro Clubs Oceania Organiser
  • IKORPZ - Xbox Pro Clubs Oceania Admin
  • AlexFIFA - Xbox Pro Clubs Oceania Promoter
  • SlinnShady - Xbox Pro Clubs Oceania Organiser

Roles explained:

Admin role: The usual day to day tasks involved in running competitions, such as dealing with tickets, enforcing rules and settling disputes. Must be available on match days.

Promoter role: Focuses on promoting competitions and Rivals to new players and teams. Day to day tasks involve being in constant contact with team managers and ensuring they don't miss registration deadlines. Numbers are their priority.

Organisers: The people in the background who help plan future competition schedules, formats and rules. They don't deal with tickets or have any day to day duties, but they may be called upon for their input when a decision needs to be made.

Please make sure you read Juzzomac's introduction thread and give him a warm welcome back as he outlines the plans we have for the next few months and the direction we want to take.

This past year was a bit of a transitional phase with the new website and rebrand which was hampered by the infamous Pro Clubs friendly glitch, but with the website now in a good place and many exciting features still to come, the next year of Pro Clubs is looking to be one of the most exciting we've had for some time. We'll see you all in FIFA 19!