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Burnley target duo

The Clarets have been one of the league's best when it comes to pre-season results, and they're looking to strengthen their squad with a duo of top class talent on the way. Sources close to the club have named CF Hollywood stars Ramzy and Dalabanga as two potential inclusions, who would join alongside Tyrone after all briefly being on the roster at Man Utd merely days ago. When questioned on the matter, Burnley manager P0et said "The players have expressed that they don't want to play for Man Utd. They want to come play with Stan and myself at Burnley."

The interesting thing about that quote was the mention of Stan, aka MR-STEAL-YO-GAL, who has been working on a deal behind the scenes to get all three across from Man Utd for the past 11 days. After being shunned by Man Utd early in their recruitment phase, Stan hit back by prying United's best players away from the club. Despite claiming to have "10 other clubs to trial in", the motive was clear and left a bad taste in the mouths of all of us here at the Inside Trader. Sssssssss.

Everton's cut-throat approach

Everton's approach in pre-season had been a little uninspiring up to yesterday, with a squad that didn't look capable of competing at the top and lacking 'something'. Fast forward 24 hours and we can see just how cut-throat manager lapogba is being in their pursuit of assembling the best possible squad they can. The Toffees let go of two quality keepers in Ogi-93 and rey15198 to sign the controversial former Aston Villa manager Joga, in a package deal that included defensive minded midfielder Mitalz

They also found space in the cap for eccentric striker Rashford, who was also on the books briefly at Aston Villa (can anyone else see a pattern emerging?). This has, however, created some issues at the Toffee's with winger Relax apparently looking for "a way out" according to close contacts of the Afterhours FC star. It comes after former 'keeper Ogi called out his former manager, assessing him to be "a s*** person" after releasing him.

Man City finalise squad with experienced signings

MikeJ could probably be forgiven for giving up just a week ago after the debacle that was Man City in the early days of their recruitment phase. After locking in some key signings, Mike was left blindsided by some of his players as they left him with almost nothing as other clubs were almost filled out. It took plenty of grit for Mike to start again but he found the motivation and recruited not only good players, but also loyal players.

Fast forward a week or so and the Citizens are putting down the final pieces on an impressive puzzle. The last day has seen the Blues bring experienced duo Toxic and Goldini to the Etihad as the squad, at least on paper, looks good enough to challenge near the top of the table. Only time will tell just how well this team can go, but one things for certain; Mike deserves a round of applause.

Southampton add EIGHT in massive transfer push

An incredible 24 hours has endured for the club from the south coast, with Southampton adding a whopping EIGHT players to their roster in the last day. Manager JustRushhh has been a very busy boy, and was quoted saying "Our team is not yet finalised. We have 17m left in the budget and plenty of depth. We're happy with our signings but we expect more before Sunday".

Amongst those signings is 'keeper Mezzy, who's had a tough week on the track but is an outstanding talent who justifies his 8m price tag. Other big signings include Rashy (from Chelsea), Dimo-vski (Arsenal) and deGans (free agent). With these new found signings, we fully expect the Saints to be competitive this season and give their fans some hope moving forward.

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