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Huge Brighton exodus as stars clash

It feels like Brighton get a mention every week on the Inside Trader, but there's plenty to unpack as the Seagulls have endured the toughest of challenges this week. Having started the season reasonably well, hovering around the middle of the table with two wins and a draw from six games, a massive disagreement in play style took place between the now-released attacker Kammoun2170 (transferred to Brentford) and midfield general LaterBruh after comments made sparked a war of words between the two. 

Later, who's not typically renowned to engage in fights with other players, went on the front foot against the eccentric Kammoun, demanding more from the striker after poor results against Watford and Southampton, two teams they would've gone into expecting to win. It boiled over so much that Kammoun walked, and dragged elite playmaker Soulja-killer92 with him, meaning Later is now left to pick up the pieces and manage the squad for the foreseeable future.

It's also started to have an adverse effect on the change room, with key pillar StevenBrumo now also rumoured to be on the lookout for a new club. Whilst no clubs have been mentioned as potential suitors, managers around the league are keeping one eye on the situation unfolding as one of the heavyweight midfielders in the country potentially becomes available. He may join FKIN-WALLACE on the departure list, with the defender also going to Brentford.

If there's one thing we know for sure here at the Inside Trader, it's that rebuilding a squad is no easy task. It takes plenty of tough sessions and luck to muster up something competitive. Can Later get the job done at a club needing a miracle?

Leeds all at sea

Manager Jeroimovicente's behaviour has come into question after reportedly knocking back countless players to benefit his own want to play centre attacking midfield. According to sources at Leeds, Jero played the entirety of pre-season in 'CAM', not letting any other club players or trialist's play in that position despite struggling in 'Rivals'. Leeds are currently the lowest ranked in Rivals out of the 20 Super League clubs.

In an attempt to rectify the form, players at Leeds would suggest for Jero to play fullback or defensive midfield, but he insisted on remaining in attack. However, after further heated debate between the manager and teammates, Jero made the decision to remove himself from the starting lineup in the first match week. This was despite being available and all other players wanting him to still be involved. This change reflected immediately in matchweek 1 as Leeds would show attacking prowess that wasn't seen from them previously in Rivals, notching 3 goals in a game against an EGN club for the first time.

However, things quickly changed for the worse when Jero asked Gift in private to step out of CAM. This was met with scrutiny from AZAR and Gift, with both reportedly looking for a move away from Elland Road. Sources claim Jero stated "I'm not going to be forced out of my position or onto the bench in my club".

With Brighton reportedly sniffing around Gift, is Jero right to take this stance?

Villa drama boils over

One of the more talked about clubs this week has been Aston Villa, with the club from Birmingham facing a minor exodus of their own. Manager honurbly_airbrn was this week faced with some 'communication breakdowns' with players in his squad leaving without saying a word.

The week started with defender YNWA_VIRG being delisted after posting for a transfer on the forums less than 12 hours after agreeing to jump in with Villa for the following nights session, with the intention of fighting for a starting position at the club. Virg told airbrn absolutely nothing, and it still remains to be seen whether they've even spoken since the defender's departure from Villa Park. Virg has since joined Watford and the $7m rated brick wall will be looking to kick on.

We then saw TSFDai proceed to also post about looking for a transfer out of Villa in a joint effort alongside KIRIPANE. According to sources close to the players, Dai was adamant on bringing Kiri with him and being released, claiming he only signed a "six day contract" and didn't want to be involved in the club long term. He then continued by berating his manager and the club, calling out his teammates and saying his manager "has a big mouth".

However, in a quick turn of events, Dai then reportedly came "crawling back and preached his loyalty and commitment to the badge", and has even deleted the post. It left him, and Kiri, in an awkward situation and one which we here at the Inside Trader are happy to not have to deal with. Good luck, Airbrn!

Burnley attacker on the cusp of leaving

In a potential shock move coming out of Burnley, star striker Ramzy is reportedly unhappy with the current situation at the club and is looking to force a move away from the Clarets. Ramzy, who performed exceptionally well in the opening week with a goal and four assists to his name, was also subject to a controversial pre-season transfer stand-off between his current club and former club Man Utd.

With this news being fresh, and brought to you exclusively here at the Inside Trader, we'll be sure to follow this one up as more details emerge.

Southampton striker "one bad game away" from walking out on club

Saints striker Rashy is reportedly "one bad game away" from walking out on the club from the south coast after apparently being unhappy with his side's performances over the opening six rounds. After winning their opening two games, Southampton are currently on a four game losing streak and it's no surprise to see one of their best players consider his options, with a current position of 13th considered too low in these early stages of the season.

With no lack of potential suitors, Rashy has been heavily linked with moves to Aston Villa and Brighton, with the Villains sitting just one spot below the Saints on the table, and Brighton a couple of spots above. Considering his reasoning for wanting to head to a better performing club, it'd be surprising to see Rashy head to either of those directions.

Another player on the way out of Southampton is defender MiNiJC, with the $8m man having disagreements with management and another not happy with the current form of the club. It would be an almighty blow for the Saints to lose such key players so early in the season. As with any transfer rumour coming out at the moment, we'll be sure to follow up as details emerge.

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