EGN Gaming is your comprehensive hub into the gaming community and wider esports. We serve to innovate and support a growing variety of titles in compelling and exciting ways, bringing communities together and embracing those who share our passion for games.

Aiming to provide a home for both the competitive and wider community to savour, EGN Gaming offers an unrivaled destination in the gaming world. Tournaments, competitions, community nights and events are delivered for the most major titles gaming has to offer today. From Overwatch to FIFA, Battlegrounds to Halo, Mario Kart to Splatoon. However, while other websites and communities may provide something similar, what makes EGN Gaming different?

Firstly, we have been founded on the back of an already successful and established community, based around the innovative Rivals feature. With specially supported titles, Rivals tracks every meaningful stat in a game played between two registered sides in just regular matchmaking. Our developed apps means every game against registered players or teams has a competitive edge, to engage players across their games outside of our events and competition schedule. Climb the leaderboards and see who has the most goals, the best weapon accuracy, the best win percentage, everything is tracked live on the our Rivals feed. This culminates in a team of the month/MVPs of the month award, which are rewarded accordingly.

What rewards? Outside of prize pool tournaments we also provide our exclusive Badge system. Earn badges for succeeding in your game of choice as it adorns your profile with accolades. What’s more, badges can be team based, and you can climb the ranks with your Club, Squad, or Team and prove yourself amongst the best.

Teams are groups you can create to come together and compete or just get involved in community events. However, they aren’t locked to just one game. Take your friends or teammates and create your own crew that can compete across multiple games, all tracked easily and in one place. Assert yourself as a force in as many games of your choosing, and compete with the rest of the community as either individuals or a team. Don’t have a team yet? Our dedicated, soon to be released Looking For feature page makes it easy to both look for and recruit members to a potential lineup.

Once your team is set up, our soon to be launched Scrims feature makes it easier than ever to find and start playing against other EGN Gaming teams instantly, outside of often clustered forum posts you’ll see elsewhere. We provide an even further step though, Competition Creator allows you to create your own fully supported and recognized competitions of your own choosing, with access to all EGN Gaming features used by site staff. Outside of our regular competitions or events any team can feel the need to create their own competition and freely compete within their own set of rules.

EGN Gaming provides live, instant stat tracking, tables, results and highlights for all competitions we run. Our community is brimming with content creators and site contributors making every competition feel alive with full coverage, articles, video reviews, and compilations.

The games will always be the centerpiece of EGN Gaming, and our current list of supported titles is as follows:

  • FIFA 18
  • NBA 2K18
  • Rocket League
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • PES 2018
  • Battlefield 1
  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Overwatch
  • Destiny 2
  • Splatoon 2
  • Grand Theft Auto V

With more titles consistently being added to the list, a strong demand from the community will see almost any title supported in the near future. Our aim is to provide a home to many of these game’s communities which may often be existing or competing out of third party message groups or inactive Reddit communities, which don’t provide the full breadth of features to take off and engage the player base all these communities definitely have to offer.

Every major title will also have it’s own EGN Season. For yearly installments such as FIFA or NBA 2K, an example of a season would be one season for every iteration of the game. Everything you compete for in those titles will award you points and be attributed to the Power Rankings. Outside of prize pools and badges, these points will culminate at the end of the season with big surprises and rewards to follow; such as live LAN events for those at the top come season end.

Pro aspiring gamers looking to make an impact in the world of esports will feel right at home, as EGN Gaming is fully committed to the ongoing growth of esports, with a history of successful LAN events run under our guidance, our team will also eventually enable sponsorships and partnerships with the figureheads and top players of our respective playerbase.

Additionally, our forums are the centerpiece to one of the most entertaining and core gaming communities we’ve ever come across, and we look forward to our community growing exponentially as incoming communities and gamers from across all their favourite titles take their gaming experience to the next level with us.

Sign up to EGN Gaming now and explore exactly what everyone’s been waiting for!

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