Indonesia Virtual Pro League


Finished 27/27 teams 378 players
Registrations End Dec 1, 2017, 11:59 AM AEDT
Competition Starts Oct 20, 2017, 10:30 PM AEDT
Competition Ends Dec 17, 2017, 11:00 PM AEDT

IVPL stands for Indonesia Virtual Pro League that is a pioneer of Virtual Pro League in Indonesia established in 2012 and becomes a trend among FIFA PS3 & PS4 gamers. Since 2012, IVPL has been consistently organizing virtual pro league FIFA using PS3 & PS4 consoles as the platform.

At first, there were only 4 clubs participating on IVPL 2012 using PS3 console, they were:

  • So Scary FC
  • Rebek FC
  • Playstation 3 FC
  • Top N Bottom

The first club that won IVPL FIFA 2012 is So Scary FC with the team manager Babay.
Then there was IVPL FIFA16, this tournament was held twice, LIGA IVPL and COPA IVPL. The winner of LIGA IVPL and COPA IVPL would be participating on the most prestigious event Asian Virtual Pro Champions League (AVPCL/ACL).

IVPL continues to develop along with the increase of the clubs that are participating on this event. This time, there are 27 Indonesian Local Clubs that has been registered on IVPL, divided into 3 Divisions.

  • Division 1 consists of 10 clubs.
  • Division 2 consists of 10 clubs.
  • Division 3 consists of 7 clubs.

Your support is our spirit. Your participation on our community will bring a great impact to the development of Virtual Pro in Indonesia.

Do you want to join local league club? Do you have your own club and want to join iVPL? Do you want to take part on the community discussion, activity, and everything about Virtual Pro? Visit our page!

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Platforms PlayStation 4
Regions Asia
Entry FeeFree