PS4 Black Ops 4 Intro Cup [3v3 SnD Bo3]

Black Ops 4 3v3 Search and Destroy

Finished 67/64 teams 225 players
Competition Ruleset

We will be using CWL 2019 Version 1 Ruleset.


  • Arsenal
  • Firing Range
  • Frequency
  • Gridlock
  • Hacienda
  • Payload
  • Seaside

For this tournament, maps are randomly chosen and must be played in the order that they're displayed in on each match page under "Maps".

Win Conditions

  • Time Limit: 1:30 minutes
  • Round Limit: Unlimited
  • Round Win Limit: 6
  • Select Spawn: Disabled


  • Silent Plant: Enabled


  • Pre-Match Timer: 15 Seconds
  • Pre-Round Timer: 5 Seconds

Health and Damage

  • Friendly Fire: Enabled


  • Nomad is banned
  • Equipment: Sensor Dart & Tac Deploy are banned and cannot be used

Lobby Settings

  • Team Assignment: Open
  • 3rd Person Spectating: Disabled
  • Revenge Voice: Disabled
  • Battlechatter: Disabled

The following items are banned from this tournament:


  • UAV
  • Care Package
  • Counter UAV
  • Sentry 
  • Mantis


  • Titan
  • Hades
  • VKM 750
  • MOG 12
  • SG12
  • Hellion Salvo (Temporary exclusion will later be introduced)


  • High Caliber
  • High Explosive
  • Laser Sight 2
  • Max Load
  • Rapid Fire
  • Rocket Cache
  • Steady Grip
  • Fast Lock


  • Acoustic Sensor


  • Gung Ho
  • Skulker
  • Team Link
  • Tracker


  • Overkill
  • Primary Operator Mod
  • Secondary Operator Mod

Please note that DIAMOND CAMO is temporarily restricted and CANNOT be used.

Hosting & Spawn Choice

  • The team on the left side of a match hosts first. In a best of 3 series, The team on the left side hosts maps 1 & 3. The team on the right hosts map 2.
  • The team that doesn't host a game must choose to play as a specific team for that game.
  • WA & NZ teams can only use a host from WA or NZ if 3 of the 4 players in the game are from that same location. (WA or NZ)
  • Hosting players must have an Open NAT Type.

Hosting players should create the private match. As the hosting team changes over the course of a match, the new hosting player should leave the private match and create a new one. If, after the start of a game, host is transferred to a player who wasn't designated to be the game's host, the hame must still be played.

We highly suggest that a lag test be performed before the start of each map. If a lag test is not performed, it will be implied that all players agree the host is acceptable to play on.

If a player's connection to the host becomes unreasonable during a game, the game must still be played. After each game, either team may request that a new host be tested, if the previous host was unreasonable.

If the host incorrectly ends a game, their team may forfeit the game.


It is the responsibility of the match host to ensure that the correct ruleset is loaded for the match. In the instance that the incorrect ruleset is played the map must be replayed using the correct ruleset. It must be established within the first 60 seconds (respawn) or end of the first round (Search and Destroy) that the ruleset is incorrect. Any incorrect ruleset claim after the map has been played will put the match in dispute and the outcome will be determined at administrator discretion.

Match Punctuality

All teams have a 15 minute period from the match scheduled time to show up and play their match. If a team does not show up by the end of this period, the opposition team must submit a ticket and provide proof of their attempts to communicate with their opponents. The admin team may then process a forfeit win.

If both teams don't show up to a match, the admin team may forfeit both teams.

Connection Issues

If a player disconnects from a game during the first 30 seconds or before the first kill, the game must be restarted.

In the scenario that a player is experiencing connection issues and disconnects at any time after the first kill or after the first 30 seconds into the match, the map must continue until completed. The player may reconnect and play the rest of the map. A substitute may not take his place while the map is underway. At the end of the map if the player is yet to rejoin, the player will be given 5 minutes to re-connect.

If a player disconnects from a Search and Destroy game, the current round must be completed. After that round has been completed, the game must be ended. It is the responsibility of the shorthanded team to end or leave the game before the start of the next round. Rounds that are played while a team is shorthanded will be counted. After a game is ended, the shorthanded team will be given 5 minutes for their teammate to return before they must start another round shorthanded. When the game resumes, the score will be as it was when the game was ended and the teams will be set to resume the game from proper sides.

If the player is unable to reconnect after 5 minutes has passed since the map was completed, the team may continue with an eligible substitute player or must play a player down.


All players participating, including substitutes, must be registered on a team roster.


Substitutions are only permitted in the period between maps. Substitutions are not to be made once the map has started. If a player times out then they can not be replaced.


Cheating will be dealt with by EGN staff on a case by case basis and is not tolerated in any form.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Using a keyboard & mouse
  • Entering false scores
  • Hacking/glitching in any type of way

Or other offences such as:

  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct