Rocket League Weekly Cup #2

Rocket League 3v3 Soccar

Finished 20/20 teams 68 players
Series Ruleset

Match Settings

  • Matches must be played in one of the follow arenas: DFH Stadium, Mannfield, Champions Field, Urban Central, Beckwith Park, Utopia Coliseum
  • Region must be 'Oceania'.
  • Game mode must be 'Soccar'.
  • Bot difficulty must be 'No Bots'.
  • Both team names and colours must be default.
  • All mutator settings are to be set to default.

Match Host

  • The home team (team that appears on the left of your matchup) must host.


  • Only players listed on their teams roster are eligible to play. Rosters cannot be changed once the competition has begun.

Game Rules


  • Teams will have 5 minutes past the match time to get into their session.
  • Failure to be ready within this 5 minute window will see your team subject to possible forfeiture.
  • We strongly encourage teams to be ready 5 minutes before their match time to prepare the session with the opponent.

Starting the Match

  • All players must be connected to the server before users select a side to play on.

Server Remake

  • Server remakes are permissible if a player has a bad connection or disconnects as long as there is more than 4:00 left on the clock and the scores are still 0-0.
  • If the game has been played past a minute or goals have been scored, the remainder of the match must be played unless an admin agrees to a remake.
  • Teams will have the right to a remake once against each team provided the above critera for a remake is met.

Reserve Players

  • Subs can only be made before a match series, not during.
  • Reserve players must be registered to the team.


  • Players who have disconnected may rejoin into the same match.

Post Game

  • The winning team must submit the results on EGN.
  • You must take a screenshot of the match result in the case of a dispute.
  • Deliberately submitting false match results will result in a ban.