First BR game I've thoroughly enjoyed since the early PUBG days. (almost two years ago)

I want to run kill comps for this game asap, but it would have to be 1v1 due to 3 being the max in a squad. Would people want to play that?

Why can't we play with 3 ?

As in 1v1v1?

You can't run squad of 3 v squad of 3 because of matchmaking, there's no way to guarantee you'll ever get in the same game, especially when that player count is only rising. 

Skiddz and Co were doing a good job the other night getting into the same games.

The problem is the same as the fortnite Comp had. You can be an amazing player but more often than not you won’t take out 3 opposition players by yourself without a little assistance from a team mate. 

Hopefully they are in the works for some private lobbies soon and possibly 4 and then duos. 
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Barkley and I need a 3rd if anyone is interested! 
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Anyone keen on games?
Anyone keen on games?

Barney and I need a third if anyone is on and keen 
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looking for a squad hmu x
Anyone keen on games?
Looking for a 3rd for a few games before work HMU
Looking for a third since Bab forget he started work right now and had to leave with such short notice
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Looking for a squad if anyone is keen. Got a fair few wins already (9 I think), mostly carried by @MitchBraaahz though.
Looking for a decent squad got around 16 wins
looking for a squad got 15 or so wins, lvl 18
anyone on for a late night sesh ?
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need a squad hmu, 
Need a squad Xbox hmu
Bab where you at though?
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Looking for squad 
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Bab where you at though?

Late night apex > afternoon apex
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Lf squad
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