Currently in 7th place and needing as many points as possible to ensure our safety in making finals, @Garri and I decided to go ahead in coming up with a shortlist of people who could make our squad much stronger.

So, that being said, coming into our squad is;
@Zingerstacker97 , coming in as a free agent Zinger impressed us straight away and we cannot wait to use him in assisting us to push to finals.
@Statusfy- , this guy is very skillful and talented and we are very very grateful to have him with us hopefully for next FIFA aswel as the current. 

Both these players add a bit more flair to the team and will assist in putting the ball into the back of the net. 

Departing the club was.
@Turk_Bull , who left after throwing a tantrum (see the upcoming Blue Knights video for this). 

@ajd7-_ , who despite being a very solid CB was released due to inavalibilty and the need to clear up our roster. 

@LEWYau was also released in a peaceful and well mannered orderly conduct. Thanks lewy xo

With massive games the next two nights against teams placed in positions such as, 4th, 5th, 9th and 1st. I have faith in the selected 6 for tomorrow night to dig down and get us the results we need.
19/08/2019 Lineup 
Sadly Sammy our video maker is ill and won't be able to attend, however a stream will be avaliable. 

This reply has been deleted.
Sammy is back for the unavaliable Perry.

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