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This reply has been deleted.
anyone keen 
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Keen for some pub club
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4 in lobby 
AVPL Media
Keen for a session?
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I'm keen
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Hi all, I have fair few ppl send requests to the club without sending me a friend request. Means I have to go in and delete requests to allow others to join.

To join this club the only way to do so is.

1. Send me a FRIEND request. If I don’t answer just flick me a msg on PSN, generally I’ll do it straight away. 

2. Once accepted, simply restart FIFA and send club request. This will put you straight into the club.  
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Keen for pub clubs if anyone willing to play. 
im keen
I am keen
Jump in, almost full team
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Anyone keen for a sesh 3 in lobby atm
any room ?
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full 11
AVPL Media
anyone keen
anyone keen

Anyone keen 
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