ANZ CHILLERS looking for a couple of DEFENDERS (LB/LCB/RCB/RB)

I'm a defender

 Lol that’s right and your a beast 
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4CE FC - currently looking for FB, CB, CDM and a back up ST that can play other positions just in-case our main STs are online.
Players must have a Mic
86+ rated
Enjoy Tika-taka/high pressure gameplay 
Knows how to defend well.
Our team will be on this friday so msg me for trials ;D 
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The Qult is currently looking for a couple of defenders and an attacker.

We will be on tonight. Pop me a message on psn :) 
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ANZ CHILLERS looking for a couple of DEFENDERS that also can play MID if need (LB/LCB/RCB/RB)  HMU on here or on psn WHITE_MAGIK91 
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BrosBeforePros are after players of all positions. Hit up @new_skinn_phil, @indi or myself for some games. We’ve completely broken the team down to its core and are looking for active players to help us become a top team. 

Ive previously run the club but with minimal success. So I’ve stepped down and passed the reigns onto @new_skinn_phil. My only hope is that we make a truly great team that can challenge the top teams.

We are trying new formations, new positions “What, Cr33d at CB?” And new players. We want people to know that when we play, we play for and as a team. So we don’t want any heroes or people that want to change our team.

Cheers guys.
Desperate to create a team for the new vpg league about to be released on Xbox and looking for anyone who wants to compete at am advanced level on pro clubs 
If interested feel free to msg me on Xbox at:
RJ Turner11
Unabse Is a new longterm pro club team looking for players and managers. We are looking mainly for midfielders but need a goalkeeper one centre back and full backs.
Our Roster Right now is
Me. Xx-Maldini88Founder (CB CDM CM CAM AND ST mainly CB but can play if nobody is on in those postions)
Soulreaper or @TooGood4U (ST)
DuckyDion (CAM ST GK)
Juls1sandoval (ST CB)
Skillzery101 (RB CAM RW RM ST LB CM CDM)
Tobysuper (Rw Cam rb)
Right now the managers are 
Message me on ps or egn for a trial
Elite Gamers are a brand new club made up of players that all met through drop ins and this forum. We are still finding our rhythm and best positions so we win some and lose some. We need two cbs to complete our team. We play 3 at the back. We are currently in and out of div 2. We are very active and need active players. Add me on psn oz_nerd and we will get you in for some games. Thanks and goodluck.
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Newly founded Elite Feet FC looking to recruit new players for the ECL and future egn competitions on PS4. Get in contact if you are interested. 

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