Console: Xbox One 
Gamertag: NRG Infamous 
Position: GK
Availability: all nights

Looking for a team that plays regularly. 

The Generals II Recruitment

The Generals II (Div 2 Team) are looking for some brand new players to join our Rivals and potentially an upcoming AVPL roster! We are currently looking for a wide variety of players across the pitch who can provide fast passing options, calmness on the ball and attacking mentality. We have recently completed our first season in Division 2 finishing in second place after a very fun season. If you are a new player wanting to make a name for yourself or an experienced player looking to play in a relaxed environment this is the club for you. 

We are currently looking to trial for the following positions:

  • 1 x Striker
  • 2 x Attacking minded Midfielders
  • 1 x CDM
  • 3 x Defenders

If you are interested to play Rivals / Div 2 in a pressure free, friendly enviroment feel free to message me directly on EGN or One of our Captains: @ItsBryceyBro, @Ladotelli88 

Console: PS4 
Gamertag / PSN ID: NoSMOKE_48
Position(s):CDM, CB,RB,LB
Virtual Pro Overall: 89 CDM 
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Console: PS4
ID: Austrr
Pos: CAM/CF/ST but can play in any midfield spot
rating: 87 CAM
avaliable every day 
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GT: Shandogg69
Pos: GK (92 overall)
availability: most to every night
looking for a club to play in for the next AVPL season when it's announced. 
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Console : Ps4
GT: Sirrimmalot95
pos: Rm Rw 90 rated
Availability everynight from 6pm aest to 11pm weekends whenever around commitments.
looking for a stable club thats up and running enters competitions and are active most nights.
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Psn: LTallisL
Position: gk,fb,cdm
Looking for a avpl team would like to be a starter but if needed happy to be a reserve
Console: PS4 
PSN ID: ceberle97
Position: Anywhere in DEF 
Availability: Most Nights 

Looking for an AVPL team xx 

Console: PS4
Pos: Striker,Winger,CAM
Rating: 91
Looking for a competitive team! Avaliable most nights
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Console: PS4
PSN: relax-era
Position: Mid,Fwd
Overall: 90+
Availability:every night 

Looking for a div 1 team if possible hmu for trials :). 

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need a avpl team xbox 
positions st cam cdm gk
gamertag BarrelQuasar89 
Gamertag: SnagzYT
Console: PS4
Rating: 88
Looking for a div 1 club if possible.
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Hello Everyone.

i am looking to join another team after my Time at Empire City. I was unable to compete in the last Avpl due to work issues and hopefully I will be available for the next.

Position: Defender 
Send me a message I’m about to jump into Fifa. 

Still looking for a team, 
i should be available more often than I have been. HMU 
PSN - vShiraazzz
Positions - CDM can play CB if needed also a cheeky GK here and there. 
Available every day I have no life 
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Console: Ps4
PSN: Khaus__ (two underscores) 
Positions: FB/DM 
Availability: Most Nights 

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PSN: ItzTrickery-
Position: ST only
Available on the weekend atm but I'll be able to play anytime in 2 weeks. 
Not into crossing style X passes will be sick...
Console: PS4
Position: CDM
Availability: Casual gamer 
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