Just want to start by saying, the boys did really well tonight. With super limited preparation, we jelled together really seamlessly. 

Most of us are fairly new to EGN so I just wanted to give a shout out to all the fellas, new and the blokes that started up this club from Whateva Dabz.

I'll start with the new blokes:

@Munchyxoxo, what a pick up. 24 hrs before the start of the comp and he hasn't put a foot wrong. Super impressive LB

@Casual_Greg, who doesn't know this guy? Had the pleasure to meet him at EGN Arsenal, and just an absolute ripper bloke, and a rock at RB

@Mitch01, the guy with one of the best PSN names I've seen. Just as classy when he slots in at CB. Big part of our solid d

@deluded_penguin1 Another guy that joined super late and has slotted in prefectly. Actually shocked this bloke was still available, and all credit to Greg for getting him over to us
@Damo89 can't wait to see what this bloke is capable of once we get the game plan nailed down. Alot of potential

Now for the blokes that have been here for the long run, these blokes just don't get enough cresit

@Dabz3687 This bloke has been top scorer for us since the beginning. Super unselfish, unless it's costing Gucci a hat trick. Couldn't meet a better bloke and always a pleasure to play with.

@Gucci_Au played out of his skin tonight. He's got all the talent he could need, if only he could get off fortnight ;) Gucci is the kind of guy you love, but at the same time, want to see him miss a sitter so you can give him an absolute serve

@Codes23 Met this bloke in a drop in, fair to say it gave me faith they aren't a total waste of time. This guy is super professional, and a talent at cdm, despite his pleas to play at ST. If only we could keep him off career mode.

@Askingdacunha My love child. Begged this bloke for weeks to join the club before I finally asked him at the right time. This blokes stats for egn Leicester speak for themselves. Absolute class and an even better bloke.

And we still have blokes that will play a big role in our success in avpl div 2. @babieswithoutheads @Zingerstacker97 
@Bixby @Hungry4amix 

Pleasure to play other you boys, would love to see us in div 1, cheers
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