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If you wanted some New Zealand flair in the mix I’ll put my hand up as well (when I’m back of course)

But enjoyed commentating the AVPL final when I did 
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“New Zealand flair” is a thing?

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Ciao, mi chiamo Maurizio Sarri. My english is as you say not so good but is willing to learn to be EGN talkie person. Lots of experience and knowledge, especially playing great Sarri ball. I need job soon, mine will be gone to idiot Barkley heading ball to enemy and Alonso forgetting he defender. Grazie and arrivederci 
Thanks to everyone who has shown interest publically/privately. 

Will be contacting everyone over the coming weeks. 

For next AVPL we're going to go with a slow build to see what/who works. 

This will mean there will be 4 broadcasts throughout the season. 

Opening Night - 

  • AVPL Preview/Prediction round table. 
  • Community content (montages etc)
  • 2 AVPL fixtures to kick off the season
  • Post Game chat.

Mid Season game -

  • 2 AVPL Fixtures
  • Post Game - All Star Draft + Reaction

All Star Game/s

  • Preview 
  • Game

AVPL Final

  • Full preview
  • Season re-cap
  • Game
  • Post game reaction

If you have any suggestions for match ups you'd like to see on stream/any content, hmu.
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