@BenCarterHD would like to manage for Norwich PS4

And what, ruin the prestige that club has.....

the prestige of TTV blackdarnell and you calling the players pelicans?

Some people deserve that abuse.

@BenCarterHD would like to manage for Norwich PS4

And what, ruin the prestige that club has.....

the prestige of TTV blackdarnell and you calling the players pelicans?

Some people deserve that abuse.

Can you please pipe down you pelican 
FIFA Clubs Admin
We're kicking off the FIFA 20 Pro Clubs season with a draft!

Sign up and specify your two preferred positions, days you're available and whether you'd like to be listed as a reserve/backup player.

PS4 Draft Page
Xbox Draft Page

Key Dates

Draft night: Wednesday 16th October
PS4 start date: Monday 21st October
Xbox start date: Tuesday 22nd October

NO height limit

Based off of what we've seen so far in FIFA 20, we've concluded that 6ft+ builds are no longer the meta across all positions, and thus have made the decision to abolish the height limit that was initially put in place to encourage more variety in player builds. Thankfully we've seen that there are benefits to playing at a shorter height for the first time in 3 years, which means we should naturally see more variety.

Manager Badges

Golden, Silver and Bronze Manager badges are up for grabs.


The way we award these badges is based on a points system. Your score as a manager is based on the following:

  1. (+ 0-100 points) The percentage of players who play at least 2 games. Players who don't bother showing up can be removed from the roster via a ticket, or replaced in the secondary draft. (e.g. if 16/16 of your players play 2 games, you get 100 points)
  2. (- 0-100 points) Any valid complaints we receive from players will deduct from your points or possibly even disqualify you from earning the badge. You will lose points based on the severity of the issue. All complaints will require proof. (e.g. if you're being very disrespectful to players/other managers or you're showing no interest in giving players a fair go)
  3. (+ 1-10 points) Where your team finishes at the end of the group stage.

Manager Requirements

  1. Minimum age of 18. Exceptions could be made if you've shown that you're a mature person for your age.
  2. Experience in managing a Draft or AVPL team in the past. Exceptions could be made if you have prior experience in leading and/or have shown that you're committed to EGN.

This is an incredibly important competition for the growth of EGN, and if we want to ensure that there's constant growth in the Aus/NZ Pro Clubs scene then we need to be constantly bringing new players into the scene.

The big focus this competition is on player enjoyment, and if your only interest is in winning badges, then we respectfully ask that you don't sign up as a manager.

The Draft

The draft will be livestreamed on Wednesday 16th October @ Twitch.tv/MisterSam, starting with the Xbox draft at 8:00PM AEDT, followed by the PS4 draft at 9:00PM AEDT. Team managers will be required to join the EGN Discord during the livestream and will take turns in picking players in a snake draft. All teams will draft 16 players each.


If you'd like to manage a team, please post in this thread with your platform (PS4/Xbox) and your preferred Premier League team. (must be a team from the 19/20 season). Once all Premier League teams have been used, we will use Championship teams for the remaining teams.

Bump. Still looking for managers for PS. 
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This reply has been deleted.
Flogbaaah was one of them for man utd I think I heard .
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FIFA 1v1 Admin
We are still looking for draft managers for PS4. 
Please get in touch with @Chadinho or myself if you are interested.
Would really appreciate some of the senior managers of EGN stepping up and offering to manage.

I am looking for 1 more Manager for the XBOX Draft.
please DM me and i will get back to you.

Current Managers are as follows:

 - Arsenal
@Viperboard7  - Chelsea
@JogaCasillas  - Manchester City
@lKORPZ  - Liverpool
@ASAPWebby - Tottenham

We have 78 people signed for Xbox but we can’t get managers, come on one or two people step up help this community 

We have enough on Xbox now.

We do however need FIVE PS4 managers still. If you're able to do it, please do it. Thanks.
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Ok, sign me up.
If manager is drastically needed I would put my hand up for it. 
Been around the site for a little while now so would be happy to help out if needed
Don't mind what team
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I'm tempted but working shift work doesn't help me but I still can play the draft.
FIFA Clubs Admin
We are cutting off the registrations for MANAGERS at 5pm AEDT tomorrow. 

We will then choose from the pool of managers we have. So if you haven't put your name up now is the time to do so. 
Apolgies but I can't manage a team anymore, I've been given overnight shifts for work monday-wednesday this week.
I can't get picked in the 16th round if I'm manager 

so I'll manage if a spot still needs to be filled 
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Hehe I'm keen as
LIVE NOW! Randomizing the draft order on stream: Twitch.tv/MisterSam
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Tune in to Twitch.tv/MisterSam Wednesday night from 8PM AEDT as the managers make their picks live on stream!

Fixtures (PS4 | Xbox) and groups (PS4 | Xbox) are already available on the site. The competition kicks off next week!

Stream Schedule (AEDT time)

8:00PM - Stream begins
8:10PM - Introduction
8:15PM - Xbox draft begins
9:00PM - PS4 draft begins

Managers in Draft Order

All managers have been added to the Discord.

Draft orders were randomized live on stream.


  1. EGN Everton - @Toniq
  2. EGN Newcastle - @xChiellini
  3. EGN Arsenal - @Fletch
  4. EGN Man City - @OZiLLA
  5. EGN Sheffield Utd - @Steelo
  6. EGN Bournemouth - @Roman_S27
  7. EGN Brighton - @Coomsey
  8. EGN Spurs - @Veryrare
  9. EGN Norwich City - @BenCarterHD
  10. EGN Watford - @Lynx7th
  11. EGN Burnley - @LukeDaJhong
  12. EGN Aston Villa - @Adp_pass
  13. EGN Palace - @EnvyMe4-
  14. EGN Chelsea - @dylanxstockell
  15. EGN Southampton - @Chadinho
  16. EGN Liverpool - @SamKani
  17. EGN Wolves - @Millapede__
  18. EGN Man United - @K_benfica_a
  19. EGN Leicester - @Juzzomac
  20. EGN West Ham - @RickTran_


  1. EGN Spurs - @ASAPWebby
  2. EGN Arsenal - @Brycey
  3. EGN Man United - @Flogbaaah
  4. EGN Chelsea - @Viperboard7
  5. EGN Liverpool - @lKORPZ
  6. EGN Man City - @JogaCasillas 
Premium Pro
Yeah and peep my montage too in the video section on EGN
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