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Tonight will be the stream of the Overwatch 6v6 Friendly Scrim between Team McCree and Team Mercy!

Tune in at 8:30pm AEST

Imagine losing to a girl

We already know whos gonna win tonite
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We already know whos gonna win tonite

Its definitely not team mercy
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Going live with some RIVALS
Streaming RIVALS at The Generals
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Tonight we stream the opening three matches of the AVPL Season!

Tune in from 9PM AEST for games 
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Streaming tonights AVPL games against La Masia, Playnation and El Diablo, but sure not to miss it!

Tune in from 9:00pm AEST
About to go LIVE
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Streamlabs crashed on my so streaming from Playstation for the night
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Tonight I’ll be streaming the Overwatch 6v6 “friendly” night! Tune in from approximately 8:30pm AEST to check it out
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