Admins reserve the right to prevent, reverse, and/or punish any actions that are deemed to be outside the spirit of fair play, even if not specifically listed in the Ruleset. Admins also reserve the right to amend the Ruleset at any time.

Match Rules

  • Hacked/glitched players are strictly forbidden in this competition.
  • Fair play is highly encouraged. Taking advantage of glitches may result in action being taken. Note: A 6'3 guard dunking on a 7'3" Centre is not a glitch. Failing to stop a teams offense is no reason for complaint. 


  • Each team is allowed one early disconnection per game. If a team loses a player early on in the game due to a disconnection, they may quit before the clock hits 3:00 in the first quarter. The score will continue over from the previous game. e.g. If the game was 8-6, the replay after the disconnection starts as it was, (8-6) however the full game is still to be played.


  • If the entire match drops out, then the remainder of the game must be played out in a replay unless both managers agree to let the result stand. e.g. The game drops out at the end of the 3rd quarter. Team 1 is winning 45-40. The game will be restarted and 1 quarter will be played. Team 1 wins the quarter 10-5, therefore making the final score 55-45 to Team 1.

Squad Rules

  • All squad members who participate must be registered on the website and listed on their team's roster. If a team is found to be using ineligible players in their matches, they will forfeit all matches the player was involved in.
  • Players may only represent a team that they are rostered on.
  • Players who haven't played a game in the season yet are considered free agents and may move between rosters until they've played a game. Once a player has represented a team in a game, they are locked to their roster.

Matchmaking Rules

  • Teams must make every effort to play all of their games even if they are out of finals running. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the league / future competitions.
  • Teams may be removed from the league if they miss a high number of matches consecutively. (all results and stats wiped)
  • Private matchmaking is to be used. When both teams are ready to play, everyone will ready up besides the team captains. The team captains will agree on a password and then search.

Match Results

  • All match results must be 100% accurate and confirmed by both team managers.
  • Managers are responsible for inputting ALL relevant stats after each match.
  • Managers must also specify the position played (PG/SG/SF/PF/C) by each player after each match.
  • Stats inputted must reflect what is on the box score. Teams found inputting false stats will be punished accordingly.
  • If a player disconnects at any time in a match, this must be noted by setting their position as "DNF".
  • Stats will not be counted when they're obtained by a disconnected player.


  • Do not personally message admins to claim forfeits, dispute results or report mistakes. These issues must all be officially processed by submitting a ticket. Any evidence provided outside of the ticket will NOT be taken into consideration when making a decision.