Admins reserve the right to prevent, reverse, and/or punish any actions that are deemed to be outside the spirit of fair play, even if not specifically listed in the Ruleset. Admins also reserve the right to amend the Ruleset at any time.

General Rules

  • Any team that plays in this league must have registered and paid the league registration fee.
  • Home jersey must be predominantly white or a light colour. Away jerseys can be any colour except white or light colours.
  • It is not a requirement to have the AMPL Logo on the court however if you wish to do so, search ‘LLMAZLi’.
  • Your team logo must be owned by you or a teammate and must not belong to any other organization.
  • Each team will have 8 roster spots available at registration.
  • Free agents can be picked up during the regular season with no fee as long as they are not entered in another roster. If a team wishes to pick up a player from another team the fee will be $15.
  • No roster changes are to be made once playoffs begin under any circumstances.
  • Two Conferences of even ability will be seeded at random. The top 4 teams from the two conferences will meet in the playoffs making a Top 8.
  • There will be no refunds issued for the above fees.
  • The final prize amounts for the following will be determined once the number of teams that register are confirmed:
    • Champions
    • Runners Up
    • MVP

Gameplay Rules

  • Teams will match up using Private Matchmaking.
  • If a player lags out before tip off it is an automatic restart. Quit the game and contact the opposing team to match up again.
  • If any player on your team keeps playing after a teammate lags out before quitting it will be counted as a loss. Your team must quit in under 30 seconds.
    • During the regular season, spreads will be enforced if a player lags out with sufficient evidence. If there is not enough evidence to support this occurrence it will result in an instant 2-0 loss regardless of prior series score.
    • During the playoffs, if a lag out occurs you are required to restart the game and play the time remaining with the same score differential at the time of the lag out.
      • Example: Team A is up 20-10 with the ball on Team B at the end of the 2nd Quarter. There are two quarters remaining. Team B lags out. Team A and B must play a new game up to the end of the 2nd Quarter, with Team A given a +10 advantage. (Round to nearest minute).
  • Do not count points to the spread that occurs after the first player has quit/lagged out. The team with a lag out must immediately quit as described above for this rule to apply.
  • All games must be streamed on the registered Twitch account(s). All games must be archived in case the series has to be reviewed.
  • Teams may quit out of the game with 30 seconds left. For every 15 seconds left in the game when a team quits out, 1 point is added to the score of the winning team, this also applies to forfeits.  Deadlines are very strict as the reg season is only 4 weeks and we understand their are a lot of teams to play, we know people have commitments outside of the game but try and work around with the other teams to ensure all games are finished in time. We encourage teams to get a 6th and 7th man as this will help get games done, if it comes to the end of the regular season and games aren't finished forfeits against your team will be made.
  • While playing league games you must be appearing online so we can manage everyone is using the correct ones. If this is not followed it may result in team forfeits or team removal from the competition.

Badge Rules

  • Sniper is banned.
  • Mismatch Silver can be used no higher than Silver.
  • Anyone found misusing these badges during the season will hand their team a loss for that match.

Regular Season

  • Regular Season will commence on 1st of November until 1st of December (1 Month).
  • Teams must play ever other team in their conference in only one Best of 3 Series.
  • A win will earn your team 1 point (e.g if a team wins 2-1 in the BO3, it will reward one team with 2 points, and another with 1 point towards the conference ladder).
  • If a team cancels a Reg Season series without a valid reason (emergency/net issues) the opposing team will win via forfeit.


  • The playoffs will be made of the top 6 placed teams of each conference at the end of regular season.
  • Top 2 ranked teams from each conference will have a bye for Round 1 - 3rd v 6th - 4th v 5th
  • Each playoff series will be Best of 3 up until the Semi Finals onwards where it will be Best of 5.
  • Every round will last 24 to 48 hours. If games aren’t played within those 24 to 48 hours then it will be at admin’s discretion to continue the series or simulate. All extensions must be approved by both teams and agreed within a Twitter chat via @CLBZee or @Solomona__.
  • If a playoff series begins it must end the same night. If a team signs off without consent, it is considered the same as conceding the series. The only exception would be if both teams agree AND you have attained admin consent to finish the series the next day.
  • Playoff games that are not played are subject to be simulated where a random winner will be selected, or the team that shows to be more active.
  • All playoff series must be submitted to the EGN website before the round deadline. All playoff series that are not submitted are subject to simulation.

Timeliness Rules for Playoffs

  • The intent of the timeliness rule is to create a competitive environment that is respectful of an opponent’s and viewers’ time.
  • After game time is established, create a chat with your opponent and @AMPL2K Twitter reporting the game time. Both teams must agree.
  • If you do not report your game times to @AMPL2K, @CLBZee or @Solomona__  in advance as described above, we will not enforce the on time rules.
  • The primary accepted form of communication is Twitter for scheduling purposes as the captain and team Twitter will be listed on the website.
  • Every 20 minutes a team is late will result in a forfeit of a game in the series.