Admins reserve the right to prevent, reverse, and/or punish any actions that are deemed to be outside the spirit of fair play, even if not specifically listed in the Ruleset. Admins also reserve the right to amend the Ruleset at any time.

All managers are required to contact league staff for any issue that deviates from the outlines rules. Managers will not agree amongst themselves for a solution that do not follow rules as written. This goes against the structure of the league and any managers found in violation of this policy will face punishment accordingly.

1.1a League Schedule

There is a no tolerance policy on reschedules. A 10 minute grace period will be allowed from the scheduled times. Any late starts may be subject to forfeiture unless previously approved. However, games may be played at an earlier date to accommodate to Media Team requirements and will be approved on a situational basis.

1.2a Transfer Regulations

When the transfer window is open, players may join and leave any club at any time. The transfer window will be open in between seasons and will be closed during the season. 

1.2b Free Agents

Free Agents may join any team at any time until the playoffs have started. Once they join a team, they are roster locked to that team until the end of the season. Team managers are required to submit a ticket to have a free agent added to their roster.

1.3a Team Ownership

A team must declare one player the owner of a team each season. This player is responsible for all reprimands and responsibilities of ownership and of a team. The owner is required to make sure the team follows all requirements to be eligible for each season including roster minimum (11) and maintaining roster keep level. (Maintaining 5 players from the beginning of last season on the new season’s roster). If a team is unable to do this, any player from the team may step up and attempt to reach these requirements. If unsuccessful, the team will be folded and the next highest POINTS total team not in Division 1 will replace them.

1.3b Streaming

All teams are required to have a stream for every official league match, as well keeping their past broadcasts readily available for review. This is to ensure any sort of cheating can be found using video evidence, as well as to help promote the league and for use by the media team.

1.4 Rosters

Each team is required to have AT LEAST 11 players on their roster at all times, while Division 1 teams have a roster cap of 20 players, and Division 2 teams have a roster cap of 17. Players are roster locked to their respective teams once the season starts.

2.1a Start Time Tolerability

Communication between opposing management is key to not only the game itself but the success of the APL. It is required that management or a representative from either team get in contact with the other within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time for all games scheduled in one night. This communication is key and if it is not reciprocated by one side of management, a forfeit can be applied for. We will allow a 10 minute grace period in terms of allowing a team to get ready to compete in a match. We ask that you do not abuse this period or we will have to review this policy and refine it.

While we want to lean away from forfeits as much as possible, we also believe that the best way to shape the community in the correct way is to punish in a definitive and consistent way. We do not want to hand out forfeits for such minuscule actions but we need everyone to understand how important each small action is to the big picture.

2.1b Reschedules

There will be no reschedules allowed in the league unless an extraneous factor has come into play. These factors will be evaluated on a case by case basis and are subject to any result the League Staff sees to be fit.

2.2 Pre-Game Setup

To begin the process of starting a game, each club must meet the following requirements:

  • Each player in the match lobby must be on the club's roster
  • Each club must have at least 10 players in the lobby.
  • Each club must have a player in the ANY position. This player cannot be the goalkeeper.
  • Each club must have a player in the GK position
  • Each club's captain must be a player with stable connection. This player must be hosting from North America.

If a team breaks any of these rules at the beginning of a match, an automatic forfeit win may be demanded by the affected team if conclusive proof is provided. The affected team MUST back out before the 10 minute mark in order to claim a rule break. If the club in violation of any requirement in Rule 2.2 informs the opposing manager(s) of the potential rule violation, and the opposing manager agrees to continue with the match, then the match will be valid and the teams will be bound to the result of the match. In this situation, Rule 2.2 cannot be invoked for a forfeit win after the match. *Post match forfeits can be issued if an illegal player is used

2.3 Hosting

The club that is entered in the schedule as the home team must be the one that sends the opposing club a friendly invitation. Make sure that each club has a captain who is located in North America and who is able to support a good connection.

In the situation that conclusive proof has been provided and we see data backing up the statements, admins reserve the right to remove a team’s ability to host a match. If we see consistent dropping of players on a certain team’s connection or possible lag/frame drop against certain teams, we may exercise this right.

2.4 Pre-Game Connection Issues

If there is a connection issue whereby clubs can not connect into a game lobby, make contact with management of the opposing team and make an attempt to fix the connection issue. If troubleshooting steps do not seem to fix the problem, please contact your deputy admin as soon as possible.

2.5a Mid-Game Connection Issues

Clubs have the ability to back out of the game due to bad connection before the 10-minute mark. Clubs may back out in this fashion one time each. After 20 minutes from the original start time, the game must be played, or should be filed as an extraneous issue for review and reschedule. *Please see rule about Hosting

2.5b Mid-Game Back-Outs

If the club has 7 or fewer players remaining (due to lag-outs) after the 10th minute of game play, the club MAY back out at half time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If this situation occurs during the second half, the game must be continued to be played as normal..

If abuse of this rule is seen to be occurring, we will analyze the evidence and data provided to us and take action accordingly, up to and including removal from the league.

2.5c PLAYOFF Mid-Game Back-Outs

If the Goalkeeper lags out after the 10th minute of game play, the club MAY back out at half-time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If the Goalkeeper lags out during the second half, the game must be continued to be played as normal.

If the ANY lags out after the 10th minute of game play, the club MAY back out at half-time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If the ANY lags out during the second half, the game must be continued to be played as normal..

If the club has 7 or fewer players remaining (due to lag-outs) after the 10th minute of game play, the club MAY back out at half time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If this situation occurs during the second half, the game must be continued to be played as normal..

If abuse of this rule is seen to be occurring, we will analyze the evidence and data provided to us and take action accordingly, up to and including removal from the league.

2.6 Goals Scored During Back-Out

Any goals scored during the process of backing out will roll over to the restarted game, so make sure the ball is far away from danger before backing out.

In an effort to promote fair play, we ask that teams do not persist in scoring after a team has made a clear effort to remove the ball from play or to a non-threatening situation to allow a clean back out.

As well as to promote fair play, we have decided that any goals scored in a kit clash scenario will not be counted. It is to be understood by both members of management teams that if kits are clashing, the game is frozen and any actions that partake in the match will not be counted. *Evidence should be provided to prove that kits were clashing*

3.1 Game Play Conduct

Evidence of any game play that appears to veer from "normal" game play may be reviewed and penalized. This includes glitching, hacking, or any other non-regular game play.

3.2 Height Restrictions

Due to a competitive imbalance created by the game, we have implemented a restriction on maximum height a player may play as a field player. The maximum height is 6’2”.

3.3 Goalkeeper Interference

Goalkeeper interference is prohibited if it results in any advantage to the team. Sufficient evidence of this happening may lead to removal of a goal from the final score, a warning/suspension to the club's manager(s), and a warning/suspension to the player that committed the infraction. Sufficient evidence of goalkeeper interference means video footage of the incident from one or multiple camera angles, with the camera: (1) focusing on the affected GK, and (2) having a clear view of the ball and the player that ends up affecting the GK.

Goalkeeper interference is given if a player from the opposing team impacts the goalkeeper, while the ball is dead or away from the play, in such a way that it moves the goalkeeper, causes him to perform an unnatural animation, or disables him from normal action. Goalkeeper interference will be given in the instance that a goal results from the previously mentioned actions.

*We will take all instances of goalkeeper interference with the ideology that the Goalie always has a chance to make the save unless his actions took him out of the play

4.1 Restitution

When any pre-game rule is broken, make sure video or photo evidence is taken. Then proceed with backing out of the game and submitting a ticket.

If any rule is broken during the course of the game, proceed in returning the game play back to its original state as quickly as possible. Make sure to make the restitution clear and obvious to avoid any confusion. For example, in the event that a goal is scored due to a rule break (e.g. GK interference), be clear about your intentions and score an own goal. Neither goal will be recorded on the stat sheet if restitution is made. If you believe a club has violated a rule during game play and no restitution was made, proceed in filing a complaint via the complaint form.

4.2 Scoreline Modifications

If any pre-game or mid-game rule is broken and your club chooses to complete the match anyway, your club loses the right to file a complaint and the score will stand. However, the admins reserve the right to modify the score of a completed match and levy punishments against the offenders if one of the following infractions occur and are proven to have occurred following match completion:

  • A player in the match lobby is not on the club's roster on the website..
  • The host is not located in North America.
  • An illegal mid-game back-out occurred.

4.3 Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint, submit a ticket on the match or league page with your complaint and any evidence that can be given to help your case, whether it be witnesses, audio evidence, or video evidence. Your complaint will then be reviewed by League staff and a ruling will be made. Complaints without evidence, may be ignored. Evidence is key in helping staff determine an outcome on all complaints.

5.1 League Staff Conduct

Staff is expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when representing EGN and APL. We hold our staff to the highest of standards, and any cheating will be punishable by permanent bans, while other improper actions could have staff members lose their role.

5.2 User Conduct

All league members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional but yet competitive level. Competitive Gaming is nothing without the competitive nature that comes with it but with that we must also know where the line is drawn. Anybody deemed to have surpassed this line in a public entity that represents the league will be addressed and reprimanded accordingly.

5.3 Modified Pros

Hacking/glitching your pro is not allowed in any capacity. Evidence of this cheating will be reprimanded accordingly.

Virtual Pros with skill points glitches and 99 overall pros is inherently banned and if the usage of it in actual games is proven, the aforementioned punishments can, and will be enforced. Anyone with sufficient evidence of a player illegally using this glitch, please report it to an admin.

5.4 Secondary Accounts

Creating secondary accounts on our site will result in FIFA long bans if ever caught. Doing this is very detrimental to our community and its integrity. Sufficient evidence of this rule violation will result in the previously stated sanctions.

Using an alternate or borrowed account to avoid things such an Xbox communication bans is prohibited and is not authorized. Managers found to be allowing such activity will also face punishment.

5.5 Club Folds During the Season

Clubs disbanding during the season is absolutely forbidden and will result in harsh punishment. In the event that this does occur, the owner of the club is the one who will be held responsible. Please also note that the owner of a team may not step down during the season without naming someone on the team to have filled this role and their acceptance of this.

6.1 League Integrity Clause

League Staff reserves the right to at any time make a ruling that differs from those previously stated in the rulebook or possibly not covered in the rulebook if they believe it is in the best interest of the league or helps protect its integrity. These situations will require more approval than normal by receiving the approval of the Board of Directors. Also in this clause, the league has the right to add or remove a rule from the league at any time if it goes against the integrity clause. These situations require the same approval as the aforementioned clause.