Media Role

All AVPL teams are required to have at least one player assigned with a Media role. Managers may assign media roles from the Manage Team page in Team Settings, which is the same page used to demote/promote managers.

The Media role grants the following permissions:

  • The ability to post match results
  • The ability to post match stats
  • The ability to attach videos to matches
  • The ability to post as the team on hubs

Home Team Media Requirements

There will be a Post Video button visible on all matches for managers and players assigned with the Media role. If your team appears on the left side of a match page, it means you are the home team.

You are required to upload the following two videos for every home game:

  • (PS only) A full replay of the match. When posting the video, select the "Full Replay" category. The title will automatically be generated.
  • A 30 second stats video via the Player Performance screens for both teams. When posting the video, select the "Stats" category. The title will automatically be generated.

Please ensure the videos are uploaded directly from your console or livestream and aren't edited.

We keep track of any matches that are missing stats, full replays and stat videos on this page. Be sure to check and see that your matches are not in red.

Full Replay Video Format

  • Please use a standard camera angle. (not Pro view)
  • No editing. Please upload the raw footage directly from your console or livestream.
  • Please make sure you include the entire game, as well as extra time and penalties if applicable.
  • For multi leg games, such as finals, you'll be able to specify the game number.

Stats Video Guide

  1. At the end of each game, head into the Player Performance screen.
  2. Flick through each player's screen on both teams, only taking half a second on each screen. (you can be quick)
  3. Record the last 30 seconds and upload.

Both videos are to be posted no later than 72 hours after the result is posted. The videos will appear on the match page as well as the Media tab of the competition.

Twitter Guidelines

  • Format your username on Twitter like so: @EGNArsenal
  • Tag @EGN_Gaming in your bio.
  • Try to tag @EGN_Gaming in any tweets or media.