Admins reserve the right to prevent, reverse, and/or punish any actions that are deemed to be outside the spirit of fair play, even if not specifically listed in the Ruleset. Admins also reserve the right to amend the Ruleset at any time.

1.1 Match Rules

1.1a Match Rules

  • Teams are required to field a minimum amount of players in all matches. If unforeseen circumstances arise preventing a team from fielding the minimum, their manager must notify the opposition and either agree to postpone the match or play it.
    PS4 Premier Division: 6 players
    PS4 Championship: 4 players
    Xbox: 4 players
  • An ANY is required for teams that field 5 players or less, and is optional for teams with more than 5 players.
  • The Virtual Pro of an ANY must play in an outfield position.
  • Outfield players are forbidden from setting their Virtual Pro as a goalkeeper.
  • Hacked/glitched Virtual Pros are strictly forbidden in this competition.
  • Players are forbidden from blocking the goalkeeper as he's kicking from his hands in open play. Any goal that results from this wont be counted in the final score.
  • Players are forbidden from deliberately blocking a goalkeeper's movement during set pieces. Any goal that results from this wont be counted in the final score.
  • Players are forbidden from interfering with set pieces via use of in game emotes. Any inteference will result in a 1 goal penalty.
  • Fair play is highly encouraged. Taking advantage of glitches, wasting considerable time etc. may result in action being taken. Note: Crosses and over the top through balls and the like are not glitches. Struggling to stop a teams attack is no reason for complaint.

1.1b Position Build Locks

  • DM and CM: Must play a CDM or CAM build.
  • CB: Must play a CB build.
  • Only FB and WB can play a FB or WB build. (wide mids are considered WB's in a 3ATB formation, not LCB/RCB)

1.1c Timewasting

Extreme time wasting before the 80th minute is forbidden. i.e. wasting a considerable amount of time holding the ball in defence and running around with it, holding the ball in the corner, and taking up all the allocated time for throw ins, free kicks and any other stoppages that run down the clock.

It is not considered time wasting if you're simply holding on to possession in midfield and forward areas.

1.2 Disconnections

1.2a 10 minute disconnection rule

Each team is allowed one early disconnection replay per match. If a team loses players early on in a match due to disconnection, they're allowed to quit before the 10th minute and try again. If the opposition team scores during these 10 minutes, the score will be carried over to the replay match. A goal will stand if the opposition team has footage of the goal being scored (scoreline must reflect the goal being scored).

The full match must be replayed in the case of an early disconnection.

1.2b Disconnections or full match dropouts

If the match drops out, or an entire team disconnects during the match, the remainder of the match must be played out in a replay with the scores still in tact, unless both teams agree to let the result stand. Please refer to section 1.3 below for more information on match replays.

1.3 Match Replays

1.3a Match replay length

The remaining minutes from the original match plus an additional 3 (to make up for extra time) will need to be played out in the case of a match replay. Both team captains are encouraged to capture footage of when the disconnection occured to confirm the exact amount of minutes that need to be played in the replay.

1.3b Goals scored during replay matches

A goal will only stand if it is scored before the clock ticks over to the final minute.

e.g. If the replay length is 53 minutes, any goals scored after the clock hits 53:00 will not count towards the scoreline. The scoreline in the top left corner of the screen must reflect the goal being scored before the clock hits 53:00 for it to be counted. In this scenario, if the scoreline shows the goal being scored at 52:59, the goal will stand.

1.3c Red cards in replay matches

If a player receives a red card, they must sit out of the replay match.

Match replay example scenario:

Team A are 2-0 up against Team B in the 50th minute, when Team B disconnects. They play another match to make up for the remaining 43 minutes. Team B scores in the 20th minute. They both back out of the game on the 43rd minute. Any goals scored after the clock hits 43:00 do not count. The result is a 2-1 win for Team A.

2.1 Roster Rules

  • PS4 Premier Division: 11 min, 15 max
  • PS4 Championship: 6 min, 11 max
  • Xbox: 6 min, 15 max
  • A maximum of 2 Asian based players per roster is enforced in this competition.
  • All members who participate must be registered on the website and listed on their team's roster. If a team is found to be using ineligible players in their matches, they will forfeit all matches the player was involved in.
  • Players may not represent more than one team on a single platform unless both teams are affiliated.
  • No players living outside of Oceania or Asia may participate, due to lag.
  • Free agents may be added to a roster at any time during the season as long as the roster quota has not been filled.

2.2 Free Agents

Free agents may be added at any time during the regular season by submitting a ticket on the competition page. Please don't wait until the last minute to add free agents. If you submit your ticket after 8PM on match nights, you may not get your player rostered in time. Do NOT field players until an admin has confirmed that they've been added.

2.3 Delisting

Players who have not participated in a game may be delisted by their manager at any time during a regular season.

2.4 Blacklist

If a player on a roster is no longer able or willing to play for an extended amount of time and cannot be delisted due to having played a game, they may be put on the blacklist, which will remove them from their roster and deem them ineligible to join another roster for the rest of the season. Proof must be provided via a ticket. Each case will be dealt with on its own merits.

2.5 Transfer Window

The transfer window will open over a weekend during the season. Only tickets submitted during the window will be processed.

AVPL Season 16 Transfer Window: June 17th 3PM AEST - June 20th 6PM AEST

  • All players will be eligible to transfer to another team regardless of games played.
  • A ticket must be submitted with attached proof of all three parties involved (the player and managers for both teams) agreeing to the transfer.
  • Players who have not played a game may move without their manager's approval.
  • Managers are free to delist players (regardless of games played) during this period.

2.6a Cross Division Play

  • AVPL Teams may nominate an affiliated team from another division to share up to 6 players.
  • Players will be eligible to play for their affiliated team provided they are registered on both rosters.
  • Should a player transfer to another team during the season, they will no longer be eligible to represent their original afilliated team.

2.6b Current Affiliations

  • United Kings and Kings Crew
  • Playnation FFA and New Order II

3.1 Matchmaking Rules

  • The home team (team on the left side of the match page) must host. In a two legged/best of 3 tie, the home team hosts first but must alternate each round.
  • All matches are to be played as Friendlies.

3.2 Late Rule

  • Under any circumstances, if there is enough time to complete a match before the next scheduled round, and both teams have been communicating and are ready to play, the game MUST be played. 
  • If both teams have been actively communicating but do not have time to finish a match before the next scheduled round, the game must be rescheduled.
  • If a team has barely communicated and there is not enough time to finish a match before the next scheduled round, the opposition team may choose to claim a forfeit or reschedule.
  • While we will allow teams to submit claims for their opposition being late, we will do so only to keep track of repeat offenders. Those who are found to be consistently late may be penalised to the admins' discretion.

3.3 Reschedules

  • Teams may reschedule provided that both teams agree.
  • The rescheduled game must be played within 7 days of the original game (or in the case of later in the season, before the beginning of the last scheduled matchday).
  • All managers have the right to refuse any reschedule. No reason needs to be given to the opposing manager to deny a request.
  • There are strictly no reschedules allowed for finals matches. (excluding the Grand Final, subject to admin approval)

3.4 Forfeits

  • By choosing to play the majority of a match with the knowledge that your opposition has broken a rule, you are accepting the conditions the match is being played under and are no longer entitled to claim forfeit. The only exception would be for rules broken that are not immediately noticeable mid game, in which case we will accept proof for after the game has concluded.
  • If you would like to claim a forfeit, you must do so by submitting a ticket on the match page. If your ticket is successful, an admin will process the 1-0 forfeit scoreline. Do not enter the scoreline yourself.

3.5 Expulsion

  • Teams must make every effort to play all of their games even if they are out of finals running.
  • Teams may be removed from the league if they either:
    • Miss 7 games in total
    • Miss two match nights consecutively
  • If a team is removed from the league, all players on the roster may be subject to a ban from the next AVPL season following an inquiry by the admin team. The entire roster will also be banned for the season.

3.5 Match Results

3.5a Reporting Results

  • Faking results/stats may result in a punishment depending on the severity. If you've made a mistake when entering a result, immediately submit a ticket and an admin will fix it.
  • Player statistics will require proof in the form of a 30 second video which flicks through every single player (for both teams) in the Player Performance screen. The home team is required to record this proof, however we encourage both teams to record a video. We will only ever ask for the video to be uploaded for verification in the case of a complaint from the opposition team, or if we're investigating a cheating case.
  • You must go off the stats available on the Player Ratings and Player Performance screens at the end of each game at all times unless a clear and obvious error has prevented a statistic from being recorded. If you believe an error has occurred (clear goals/assists randomly not counting, clear goals counting as own goals) then you must submit a ticket and provide video footage of the incident.

3.5b Player Disconnections & ANYs

  • If a player disconnects in the first half and they have not scored a goal or assist, this must be noted by setting their position to "DNF".
  • Goals and assists do not count when they're scored by a disconnected player. Only goals/assists scored before a disconnect can be counted.
  • Cleansheets (DEF/GK) and GK saves do not count if a player has disconnected.
  • A disconnected player cannot be awarded the stats earned by an ANY.
  • The only stats that an ANY can record are those from their individual player.
  • Goalkeeper and defender disconnections must be noted accurately due to cleansheet records. Any teams that are caught incorrectly inputting DNF's for goalkeepers and defenders will be at the risk of punishment.

4.1 Red card suspensions and appeals

4.1a Red card suspensions

NOTE: Red card suspensions do not apply for the PS4 AVPL Championship.

A player who receives a red card is suspended for the first fixture of the next day. This is the case regardless of which game it occurred in.

For example:

  • Player A gets sent off in the first of two games on a Wednesday night. He may play the second game, but will miss the first fixture on Sunday.
  • Player A gets sent off in the second game on the Wednesday night. He will simply miss the next game, which is still the first fixture on the Sunday.

As well as this, any player who receives two red cards on the same night will be suspended for the next two games of the following AVPL night, and so on.

It is the responsibility of managers to record red cards using the “RC” column in the match report, or risk being penalised. Also, any evidence of players skipping suspensions will result in punishment for the player and/or club.

Red cards do not carry over from the regular season to the finals series, and there are no suspensions in finals.

4.1b Suspension appeals

If the referee’s decision is considered unfair by the team that received the red card, they may appeal the suspension by submitting a ticket and providing video proof of the incident. Only reasonable claims based on poor refereeing decisions can result in the suspension being revoked. Mistakes, or wrong intentions will not be considered.

We will no longer be overturning any red cards that were the result of 2 yellow cards. Only straight reds may be appealed.

5.1 Tickets

Do not personally message admins to claim forfeits, dispute results or report mistakes. These issues must all be officially processed by submitting a ticket.

For the on pitch player minimum, it is your responsibility to check the amount of players the opposition team is fielding as early as possible:

  • Xbox: You have until half time to check via the recent player list or individually in the player performance screen.
  • PS4: You have the first 15 in game minutes to check, you can do this by pressing start and then square to bring up the player list.

6.1 Badges

A player must have played 25% of total games in a regular season to be eligible for a team badge. (title, runner up, premiers, etc.)

Finals matches count towards a player's total games tally.

e.g. If a total of 20 games was played in a regular season, the games required would be 5. A player may only play 4 games in a regular season and still be eligible as long as they played at least 1 fixture in finals, as that would take their total up to 5 games.