Unlike traditional AVPL, in the Super League you will be managing a club that is EGN controlled, therefore there are certain standards that you must uphold. As a representative of EGN, you must act in it’s best interest at all times.

Competition Guidelines

  • You will be given managerial status for the entire FIFA lifecycle. The admin team will review your performance at the end of every season. You may be replaced in the off season if we feel as though you are not performing to a high enough standard.

  • By quitting during a season, you risk punishment for future seasons.

  • If you are caught using fake accounts in order to sign a player for cheap, you and all players who had knowledge of the fake account will be indefinitely banned from EGN and all its competitions. Players are required to report to an admin if they suspect any cheating is taking place, even in their own team.

Match Guidelines

  • It is mandatory to enter stats for all games.

  • It is mandatory to upload stats videos and replays for all home games.

  • You are responsible for your player’s behaviour in match threads and must at least attempt to cooperate with admins and help diffuse situations when they arise.

  • If there is a dispute that requires a ticket from your team, only you may submit a ticket. We will not accept tickets from anyone else, unless it directly involves them and not the team as a whole.

Behaviour Guidelines

  • You are free to start up a chat for your club on any social platform, however you must ensure that the chat abides by the EGN Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Guidelines.

  • If a player breaks these guidelines in the chat, the incident must be immediately dealt with. The message(s) must be deleted and the player warned/reported.

  • If you are found to be allowing behaviour that breaks the guidelines in your chat, you will be stripped of your managerial status.

  • If you are found to be encouraging your club members to break the guidelines on EGN or any social media platforms, you will be stripped of your managerial status.

Branding Guidelines

  • You must not change the name, logo, or theme color of your team on EGN. We will allow a custom cover photo if it is related and appropriate.

  • At the start of a new FIFA, you must register the club on FIFA as soon as possible.

  • The club must never be deleted. Use a secondary PSN and set it as manager so that your club members may freely join and leave the club at any time.

  • The club name must be exactly as it is written on EGN, with proper capitalization, i.e. “EGN Liverpool”.

  • You must use the default abbreviation for the club, i.e. “LIV” for Liverpool.

  • You must use the club kit.

  • You must select the home kit for home games.

  • You must unlock and use the club’s stadium as soon as it’s possible to do so. The stadium name must remain the default, i.e. “Anfield” for Liverpool.