Interference & Obstruction

Players are prohibited from intentionally interfering with their opponents' attempts to move around the map or secure kills.

Kill Stealing

Kill stealing is not against the rules. Opponents may work together to secure kills.


If kills are still tied after two games, the following tiebreakers are used to determine a winner (in order):

  1. Damage
  2. Score
  3. Longest surviving team

The team that wins by tiebreaker must add an extra kill to their score when submitting the result.

No Shows

Teams have 10 minutes to show up once a match is ready. If they don't show up within 10 minutes, their opposition may claim a forfeit win by submitting a ticket.


After getting on the plane, any complaints about lag or pre-game settings will not be taken into consideration. No exceptions.


If a player disconnects in the pre-game warm-up, the game must be replayed. If a player disconnects during gameplay, it is treated like a death. A player's score is equal to the number of kills they had when they disconnected. Their opposition can continue to play even after they have disconnected from the match.