No Shows

If you fail to respond within a reasonable timeframe you may be forfeited. If your opponent is a no show, submit a ticket and attach proof of your attempts at communication with your opponent via the "Create Ticket" button on the match page.


The following is considered griefing and is not permitted:

  • Intentionally shooting down your opponents structures.
  • Intentionally boogie bombing your opponents.
  • Intentionally building in front of your opponents.
  • Intentionally causing opponents to miss shots and chances to attack.

Depending on the context, a duo may be disqualified from the tournament for intentionally griefing. If your opposition team has griefed, submit a ticket with proof via the "Create Ticket" button on the match page.


In the situation where a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of a game or before a kill is made via the opposing team, the game is to be restarted from 0-0.

If a player disconnects after a kill is made the game must be played out in its entirety regardless of how many players are left.

Posting Results

  • Posting false results is considered cheating and is a punishable offence. To speed up the result posting process, we don't require screenshots for results to be posted. However, please save them anyway in the case of a dispute.
  • If your opponent has posted a false result, submit a ticket with proof of the match scores via the "Create Ticket" button on the match page.