Code of Conduct

Breaking the CODE OF CONDUCT may result in temporary or permanent bans from the EGN platform and events, and forfeit of any prizes associated with EGN events.

No violating of the Rainbow Six Siege CODE OF CONDUCT.

No Cheating

PS4: No keyboard/mouse or strike packs

Hacking (software cheating)

HACKING (software cheating is the use of 3rd party software to make the game easier to win. For example software that highlights players through walls, reduces recoil, increases player speed, teleports player, manipulates crosshair placement, manipulation of ping or connection security, use of macros, and more (to the discretion of EGN admins)).

Glitching / Exploiting

GLITCHING / EXPLOITING is using unintended features accessible in the game that give the player an unfair advantage. This includes (but is not limited to): manipulation of hitbox, manipulation of hip fire accuracy, blocking areas of the map, reaching inaccessible locations using equipment or other players, making the defuser inaccessible, and more.

No Toxic Behaviour

Bullying, sledging, bad-mouthing, verbal or written abuse, sexist, racist, classist, homophobic or any other behaviour that negatively targets an individual or group of people, is not allowed. This will be enforced on a case-by-case basis to the discretion of admins.

Ping Limit

Any user with consistent PING above 140 will be disqualified from the cup. This counts as any user who maintains a ping of above 140 for at least 5 consecutive seconds more than 3 times in a single map. Proof of this rule being broken may be submitted to admins to report offenders.

No Abandoning

If you “check in” you are required to participate in all of the matches scheduled for your team. If you are unable to participate in these matches you must tell an admin IMMEDIATELY so they can find a substitute. If admins are not notified, absence from scheduled matches will be regarded as abandons and will result in temporary or permanent bans.

Abandoning a match mid-game will result in temporary or permanent bans.

Match Setup

Any setting not mentioned is to be left as default and should not be changed at any time.


  • Plant Duration: 7
  • Defuse Duration: 7
  • Preparation Phase Duration: 45
  • Action Phase Duration: 180

Match Settings

  • Number of Bans: 4
  • Ban Timer: 20
  • Number of rounds: 12
  • Attacker/Defender role swap: 6
  • Overtime: 3 Rounds
  • Overtime Score Difference: 2
  • Overtime role change: 1
  • Objective rotation parameter: 2
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
  • Attacker unique spawn: On
  • Pick Phase Timer: 30
  • 6TH Pick Phase: On
  • 6TH Pick Phase Timer: 20
  • Damage handicap: 100
  • Friendly fire damage: 100
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death replay: Off
  • HUD Settings: Pro League

PC ONLY PUG Night Prizing

Prizes are shipped at the end of each month. Prizing is subject to change.


1st place gets you one Charm Pack containing one Operator Charm Keyring!