Match Settings

  • Matches must be played in one of the follow arenas: DFH Stadium, Mannfield, Champions Field, Urban Central, Beckwith Park, Utopia Coliseum
  • Region must be 'Oceania'.
  • Game mode must be 'Soccar'.
  • Bot difficulty must be 'No Bots'.
  • Both team names and colours must be default.
  • All mutator settings are to be set to default.

Match Host

The home team (team that appears on the left of your matchup) must host.


Only players listed on their teams roster are eligible to play. Rosters cannot be changed once the competition has begun.

Game Rules

No Shows

Teams have 10 minutes to show up once a match is ready. If they don't show up within 10 minutes, their opposition may claim a forfeit win by submitting a ticket.

Starting the Match

All players must be connected to the server before selecting sides.

Server Remake

  • Server remakes are permissible if a player has a bad connection or disconnects as long as there is more than 4:00 left on the clock and the scores are still 0-0.
  • If the game has been played past a minute or goals have been scored, the remainder of the match must be played unless an admin agrees to a remake.
  • Teams will have the right to a remake once against each team provided the above critera for a remake is met.

Reserve Players

  • Subs can only be made before a match series, not during.
  • Reserve players must be registered to the team.


Players who have disconnected may rejoin into the same match.