Goal Busters SC

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Goal Busters SC(GBS) EST. 2021

Founder & Organiser: XERXES-_-SPOFXTC
Managers: Koi_hai, maarbani_champ(Defence)
Advisors: fauzan0410, Koi_hai, Pritpal_mani
Media: fauzan0410

SPIRIT OF ECSTASY Plays PS5 version of Fifa Only


+4000 Matches in Div1 with average of 9 players or more.

Expect us every night (6 to 7 nights a week) from 9.30PM AEDT onwards. No DNFs.

FIFA21 PS4 AVPL Season 17 Championship:
1st place (Champions)out of 27 teams and over 265 Players in FEB 2021.

Fifa21 Club Stats
128 seasons; 1109 League matches.
813 Wins; 111 Draws; 185Losses .
60 Div 1 League Title.

Loyal Members
ST : fauzan0410 , Koi_hai
CM: xerxesro, Gouvatso91, XERXES_RZ,
CM: Haki205, AZOOZ14, Holiboy_4_Real
DM: xNik94, VascoBlanc,amh-769, Breast_Milk69,
DM: SNEAKY_NUTZZZ,, Ak4l_2165, Tic-Taco_,
FB.: Pritpal_mani, Deadshot_AK_47, Alexklimenkoooo,
FB: TufuFondue95,
CB: BenKnBoW Ramos, maarbani_champ,
CB: TazWeiganHD, Granvillerage10,
GK: Cheater-_-Rokzq, agusjwn
ANY: AZOOZ14, Pritpal_mani, xNik94, fauzan0410,
Guests : MrGamer8369, SGW, ziibii88_

Player of the month :
June 2021- Maarbani_champ
July 2021 - Holiboy4Real
August 2021 - Govatsou
September 2021 - Deadshot_AK_47

Friendly Games:
We welcome any team with more than 7 players for friendly games. Please contact one of our club managers to arrange time .

Recruiting New Players
We are a very private club and there is a process for new players who want to join us. Decent personality, loyalty and keeping low profile on EGN is a must.if you are interested contact XERXES-_-SPOFXTC. We don't accept random players or one night fill ins players into our club for number of reasons .

AVPL Competitions/Rivals
SPIRIT OF ECSTASY is only registered team in our group for rival games on EGN.

We are only interested to participate AVPL Championship and we will not be registering in any other competitions on EGN

SPIRIT OF ECSTASY Management 2021
  • Oceania
  • Registered since Sep 14, 2021
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