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  • Gigi_Nesta posted in FIFA 19 Pro Clubs - Free Agency.
    3 hours ago
    Think we all know @TITANM1 (Lebo) is a solid, versatile player who can play mid, def or GK.  The bloke got plenty of time, @CHAKS_ always gave chances and a spot on rivals every night so not sur...
  • 1 day ago
    Any news on when this starts? It will probably start 2 weeks after ECL. 
  • Gigi_Nesta posted in The Empire ECL 6 vs 6.
    1 day ago
    We are looking for an attacker to help us when needed.  Please message if a Free Agent and available on Monday or Wednesday. 
  • Gigi_Nesta posted in Good luck to Empire E-League boys.
    2 days ago
    Gigi is a mess and forgot to add in OZilla, our very own wing back turned E-League super sub if the time calls for it. He's representing Brisbane Roar and as you all know he plays both consoles, so he...
  • Gigi_Nesta posted in Good luck to Empire E-League boys.
    2 days ago We would like to congratulate the following guys from our Empire community. Congratulations on being selected to compete in the E-League. @AKPO - Brisbane Roar ...
  • Gigi_Nesta posted in FC Magic - Recruitment etc.
    2 days ago
    Guys stop spamming the thread, @SamKani can a mod please delete the spam, thanks. All deleted  
  • Gigi_Nesta posted in Culture CF - Recruitment Thread.
    2 days ago
  • Gigi_Nesta commented on Spartan Empire vs El Diablo FC.
    1 week ago
    Spartan Empire making a return?
  • Gigi_Nesta posted in The Empire - Recruiting & Updates.
    1 week ago We are delighted to announce one of the best signings in the AVPL off season on EGN. Welcome! @OZiLLA  @OZiLLA is one of our final pieces in the puzzle. Last s...
  • Gigi_Nesta commented on The Empire vs RAZZLERS.
    1 week ago
  • 1 week ago
    Goat !!
  • Gigi_Nesta commented on The Empire FC vs WOLF PACK FK.
    1 week ago
  • 2 weeks ago
    Why not both Have the list made public, and display the return date for the banned individual If anybody witch hunts or makes drama, they suffer the same fate (No warnings, automatic ban, once t...
  • 2 weeks ago
    Just bumping this thread.  Lately we have had a spike in toxic match threads between teams. Bans have occured and will continue to happen.  Remmember it's a video game. Let your actions on the...
  • 2 weeks ago
    @SamKani Can you add a name and shame tab so that those who are banned can be publicly listed. I only ask this as there seems to be repeat offenders who haven't learnt from the first time being banne...