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  • 2 weeks ago
    Apologies if rules for ECL have changed, nothing wrong with change or trying new things. It's how we adapt. Anyway, with not looking at the specific ECL rules being my fault, my team drew the first r...
  • SamKani commented on whatevs2019 vs Galacticos XXI.
    2 weeks ago
    You have quite a few EGN regulars in your team, how were they not aware? It's also the first rule and in bold on the Rules tab:
  • SamKani commented on MINITIKI vs Lincoln CF.
    2 weeks ago
  • SamKani commented on Lincoln CF vs Playnation X.
    2 weeks ago
    Move onto the next, I'm removing them from the comp.
  • 2 weeks ago
    PS4 Liverpool
  • SamKani commented on Islanderz FC vs Lincoln CF.
    3 weeks ago
    None of these teams showed up, so no forfeit will be given.
  • SamKani commented on Islanderz FC vs La Familia Fcc.
    3 weeks ago
    That doesn't matter. Regardless of when we reply to him, players are not eligible to move to another team until the transfer window, which hasn't opened yet. Also we haven't received any communicatio...
  • SamKani commented on TheTingGoes vs Caff United.
    3 weeks ago
    Please make sure Matty isn't playing for you guys. He's currently rostered for The Generals.
  • SamKani commented on Islanderz FC vs La Familia Fcc.
    3 weeks ago
    Just letting you guys know that if Bandit_gazer, sabi_99 or LeanGainzzz play for La Familia, you will forfeit, as they are currently rostered for Officer MURPHY.
  • 3 weeks ago
    ECL PS4 Div 2 fixtures are up
  • 4 weeks ago
    For. FUCK. Sake.
  • SamKani commented on Integral Nation vs Brick City.
    4 weeks ago
    @Simo @DmAuViIrD ?
  • 1 month ago
    I personally would do a short term draft comp before AVPL. I'm only saying this so I can rave in front of 300 people on stream again.
  • SamKani commented on Joshs Bois vs Mandingos CF.
    1 month ago
    Nonu, you're the last person to be telling anyone to sharpen up. How about this, you and your team sharpen up and stop abusing every team you come up against (we've had multiple complaints about you)...
  • 1 month ago
    Finals across all competitions will follow the same format as AVPL (AFL system, Bo3). We are changing things up in terms of promotion and relegation. We want ECL to always be accessible to the best...