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  • 1 week ago
    gg fellas. was a lot closer than the last one thankfully lol. all the best with your other games
  • 1 month ago
    gg lads. <3
  • Weixian commented on Pythagoras FC vs Blues FC.
    10 months ago
    On the off chance you arent familiar with it, you can watch the full match replay here (albeit without commentary for some reason): https://www.reddit.com/r/footballhighlights/comments/916moo/perth_gl...
  • Weixian commented on Pythagoras FC vs Blues FC.
    10 months ago
    Seems cruel we had to play during the chelsea-perth game. On the plus side, CHO looked great and Jorginho bossed it first half. GG and good luck for Div 1 lads.
  • Weixian commented on FIJI COCONUT vs Pythagoras FC.
    10 months ago
    kudos for still playing despite just having the two of you. hope it goes well for you fellas in the rest of the comp.
  • 11 months ago
    Quality as always metro, lookin forward to the inevitable red card montage coming soon ;)
  • Weixian posted in God of War.
    1 year ago
    Wonder if Kratos junior will be playable
  • Weixian commented on The Generals FC vs Culture YRN.
    1 year ago
    The comeback of dreams. gg :)
  • Weixian posted in Destiny 2 Discussion.
    1 year ago
    hahahanyone else thinks that destiny 2 is the biggest flop out in the market? osiris shittest DLC ive seen yet and im a yr 1 player..  Agreed. Problem is i bought the double dlc. So I will play the...
  • Weixian commented on GOOT FC vs ITS TIME2QUIT.
    1 year ago
    ei, i had some successful tackles that game. I call shenanigEAns